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In Honor Of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Ending, People Are Sharing The Most Iconic Scenes





In honor of the absolute culture of the show, people shared their favorite scenes, episodes, and moments. Here are some of the most iconic!


When Kim lost the diamond earrings in the ocean

Now that Keeping with the Kardashians is finally ending never forget this moment “Kim There People Are Dying” Kourtney was my favorite!


When Kim and Khloe talked to the woman they thought was salts in the baths;

This is my forever favorite scene from watching the Kardashians. I’m so sad that it ends #KUWTK


When Khloe went to prison and Kim was taking pictures of herself

The most memorable Keeping Up With The Kardashians moment. The splendor of KUWTK is terrifying


Kim heard Kourtney and Khloe talking about her, so she stormed back to strike Khloe’s purse;

In honor of the KUWTK season ending, get to know the most iconic moments to emerge from that show:


When Kris invited some neighbors


When Kendall’s mom “jeans” called her and she was confused


When Kim gave us her Ionic crying face!


And then again when Kourtney saw her crying and laughing


When Khloe cried “LIAR!!!” hearing about Tristan and Jordyn;

Y’all remember Khloe screaming a liar cant believe Kim Kardashian will not be on tv anymore this comedy is gold.


When Kim and Kourtney got hit by the body and the foundation, Kim got through the wall!

still not getting on kourtney’s foundations kim getting hit the shit out of her on the wall


When Kim, Kendall and Kylie lied because they didn’t want to hang out

since #KUWTK ends, I’ll bring back one of my favorite moments when Kim lied to Kendall and Kylie that I shouldn’t be hanging out with them.


When Kris cried Kim for married for 72 days

Chapter XIII

Kim cried out with Kourtney that she is a hypocrite!

KUWTK is ending, and I just want to thank Kim and Kourtney for giving us this iconic moment. “Why does your car have leather seats? Why are you wearing plastic sunglasses?” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Chapter XIII

When Kimberly Kourtney is gone

People say he has been around the season and the show for too long, but how can that be done when one of the most iconic moments just happened just before the 2nd season? #KUWTK

Chapter XV

When Kim said “It’s what she deserves”;

now watch the kardashians stop, lest we forget the most iconic meme ever to exist. #KUWTK


When Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe find Kris making a sexy shot, Kourtney said this:

Chapter XVII.

When Kris had a pet pig and Kylie came in and asked if it was a chick

Chapter XVIII.

Todd Kraines did his game with Scott;

I’m sad KUWTK can’t stop working. but the old biographies were excellent. Not forgetting this gem… #KUWTK

Chapter XVIII

When all impressions are mutual


Finally, Kris had an allergic reaction and had her entire puffy lip;

Farewell Keeping up with the Kardashians. We will miss you.


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