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Inflation is rising but the reasons why are changing




After some time the price pandemic Favorites – in order to carry – have leveled off. However, as the economy returns to something closer to ordinary life remains inflation unrelentingly high.
Sadly, the state’s pre-speech with examples of how the crisis coronavirus The economy is reshaping than our everyday existence.

See, here Used car prices and harden in part because many city dwellers he led to the lockdown cars and buy a new car, which has been hampered production and shuttered plants chip shortages. In the year ended in May, nearly 30% of the used car prices, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Before the pandemic, inflation – the Federal Reserve would hold about 2% – had been stuck near the old rock bottom. Now in a very difficult recovery impacted F finds a great balance between supporting the stimulus, while checking inflation.

Recovery gathers as smoke items, what is driving inflation even worse. For example, when the men sent to the army, in order that by spending more money, pandemic are no restrictions, when speaking of the duties of returning from the warning to the work of the garments, and refresh.

Data point in the 12-month period ended in May, the price index for food eaten away from home and it was 4%, fueled by increases in the restaurant in the late spring Covid spending is scaled back the restrictions. Similarly, the price of clothing rose 5.6% in the year ended in May.

The kitchen staff prepare breakfast Langer & # 39;  June 15-delicatessen's Restaurant in Los Angeles, California & # 39;  After several days to fully reopen its economy's first five months Covid subnavigation.

Finally, age and price hikes should normalize pandemic. Last month, the Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, fielding questions from rampant inflation at a press conference, said that there is a high price to remain longer. However, it is enough to stick around as long as it remains uncertain.

Powell not only waiting for inflation to fall. The pricing of the bond market and the post-pandemic inflation so as stubbornly as before modest capital income instead of investing Strategies asset Blackrock multi-Group, Michael Fredericks said CNN last week Business’ digital live now show markets .

Last week, the 10 year Treasury bond yield dropped to its lowest level since February, likely indicating that investors see the current price indicators that quickly passing or at least not expecting that inflation will be to develop in the summer.

Secondly, consumer price data for June due to Mars.

It is not raining of the wild oxen upon my affliction;

‘Unicorn’ is the right term to describe companies that achieve $ 1 billion extensionsBecause these days are a dime a dozen.

It’s done: Between April until the month of June, 136 unicorns have created a new globally – more than the old record with 128 in all of 2020, according to CB, the data provider arguments.

in Investments startups and broken world prior highs, $ 156 billion in the second quarter hit. “This marks the fourth biggest US dollars raised in the last decade,” the report says CB is explored in a week.

When it comes to the United States accounted for almost half of the amount of the lifting of the state of the world’s largest Silicon Valley has it that the center of the sanding-tech derive its cause and, if there was ever any doubt should remain is.

According to the investigation ipfl BC, there were 390 “mega rounds” wake companies were $ 100 million or triple our numbers for the same quarter of the year.

39 reality show & #;  unicorn Images & # 39;  $ 1 billion is looking for the next company

Each individual, each of the top 10 deals in the quarter author sits fortnito Epic Games’ $ 1 billion fundraiser, Swedish Northvolt battery maker’s $ 1.8 billion from $ 2.75 billion, and the logistics of funding for Indonesian investment company, J & T Express.

The title belongs to the world’s most valuable unicorn TikTok owner ByteDance ($ 140 billion), followed by Payments company Stripe ($ 95 Billion) to SpaceX, Elon Musk ($ 74 billion).

Investor wisdom, which clearly boosted the pandemic in demand for new digital service level is illustrated by the eye-watering amounts raised by e-commerce companies in the financial technology and safety technology.

With a new crop of grain central bank liquidity any private developer fluid is hungry to become more active. Many of them, which is the greater, than traditional players venture of the head of outfits.

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