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‘Insane’: Monica Lewinsky Opens Up About the Idea of Bearing More Responsibility Than Clinton




Monica Lewinsky suggested the consequences of the former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with him “is way worse” for him than for her.

In an interview Wednesday with Comedy Central host “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noa, Lewinsky opened up about his recovery experience following the relationship.

“I started to realize, oh, it did more harm to me, to what happened, than I realized at that point. And I didn’t set out to retract my narrative. I set out to heal and heal for me. is … I’ll try anything. I’ve done a lot of awareness and energy work, there’s also been a lot of therapy, “Lewinsky said.

He said it was “the younger generations who insisted that the older generations who were really around back then said, ‘Whoa, let’s stop and rethink this situation.'”

Lewinsky continued, “That’s not to say I shouldn’t have some to blame. I certainly tried to accept responsibility for those things.”


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Continuing, he argued, “The idea that I have greater responsibility, and more… the consequences are worse for me than the most powerful man in the world and some of the other people in the scandal, all 20 years older than I am, is insane. ”

Watch Lewinsky’s interview below:

Lewinsky appeared on the show to promote his HBO Max documentary “15 Minutes of Shame.” He has also appeared on other programs recently to discuss his experience making FX’s “American Crime Story: Impeachment”.

Is it “crazy”?

Earlier this week, Lewinsky appeared on the New York Times podcast “Sway” to discuss the cancellation of the culture and whether he believes he was “canceled,” as Reported by IJR.

“I see the benefits and I see the harms. And really, my top feeling about it is that – and this is how I feel about a lot of things, that they’ve become a catchall phrase. We really need to break down. canceling the culture up to what the pieces are, ”Lewinsky explained to host Kara Swisher.

Whether he canceled himself, Lewinsky said, “I would, I don’t know.”

Clinton admitted in 1998 for having a relationship with Lewinsky when he was an intern at the White House.

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