Interesting Google Business hacks for new business owners

It would be challenging for new business owners to run their businesses successfully at the initial stage. It requires a lot of effort and hard work to become successful.

But Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool to increase visibility and attract customers. These are many ways to drive traffic to your website. Weekthink is an amazing platform that encourages businesses to perform better.

Let’s have a look at some factors that can help to drive traffic to websites.

  1. Verify Google by Business listing

The advantage of verifying google by business listing is that it will increase your online visibility. It is a simple process and doesn’t require any personal information.

You only need to enter your business information and verify your listing through a postcard or email.

  1. Add photos and videos

High-quality photos and videos help you reach out to customers quickly.  Adding these photos to your Google My Business profile will help you to lead your competitors.

Try to upload photos of products and services, which give customers a glimpse to expect goods when they visit your business.

  1. Optimise Business information

Verification of business is an important thing, but optimization is also essential. It helps to check if all the given information is accurate or not.

The information includes your business phone number, address, website, and category. The information should be similarly provided on all directories.

  1. Monitor insights

Google insights help you to track your performance and identify areas of performance. Google provides valuable insights to find new customers.

These insights can be used to make driven-data decisions about marketing and sales strategies.

  1. Tracking Competitors 

If you want to go ahead of your competitors, it is crucial to have an eye on them. Everyone has different criteria for dealing with business.

You can also use Google tools like alerts and SEMrush to monitor listings and track keywords.

  1. Use keywords in the Business Description

Google My Business description is an essential element to rank websites in search results. Inserting relevant keywords will help customers to find your business quickly.

Never try to do keyword stuffing to make your description look professional. Irrelevant keywords do not sound good.


  1. Is Google My Business app free?

Yes, Google My Business app is free to use.

  1. How long does it take to verify a GMB listing?

Google My Business usually takes a few days to verify, but it can sometimes be longer.

3.Can GMB be used for multiple locations?

Yes, it is possible to manage multiple locations through the GMB dashboard.

4.How is it possible to track GMB insights?

To track insights, log into your Google My Business dashboard and click the insights tab.


Google is trying to help people in every possible way to develop their businesses. Google has become a complete roadmap for business holders.

It is essential to understand all terms and conditions and try to develop a business with hard work and patience. Google’s exciting hacks will surely help to grow your business.


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