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Intruder ransacks North Ridgeville kitchen, falls asleep in dishwasher. Also, it was a raccoon




North Ridgeville, Ohio – North Ridgeville police are so weird animal calls. Over the years, they’ve been dealt ‘ kangaroo on the loose As to this, potbellied swine they are in the night. But on their latest call raccoon in a dishwasher may take the cake.

According to police, the thief into the house, they burst into anger, or by means of, and seek to bring the kitchen. He came to the critter is celebrated won burglary taking a nap … in the dishwasher.

Officer John Metz, who is the department of “animal absurd call” an officer went home to sleep after a burglar resident result. Urge the culprit into custody and removed from Metz took him home.

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