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“It doesn’t sit well with me” – Rio Ferdinand reacts to Paul Pogba’s comments following Manchester United’s loss to Leicester City



Ex Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand he was not impressed Paul Pogbacomments after the Red Devils ’4-2 defeat Leicester City.

Manchester United’s recent form continued to continue as Brendan Rodgers ’Foxes ran in chaos at King Power Stadium. The Red Devils took the lead over Mason Greenwood before scoring two avoidable goals.

The visitors then tied the game, thanks to the return of Marcus Rashford. However, Leicester City increased the ante to score two goals and won the thriller with six goals. Several Manchester United players, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba, were on the line of fire to produce bad performances in the defeat.

During his post-match interview, Pogba said:

“We deserved to lose. We didn’t find a problem, receiving easy goals, stupid goals. We have to be more mature, play with more experience and arrogance in a good way.”

The Frenchman added:

“We have to find something; we have to change. We have to find the right mentality and the right tactics. Stick to it and solve the problem.”

Paul Pogba gave a derogatory assessment of the situation in the form of Manchester United after the 4-2 defeat by Leicester, which left the Red Devils already five points less in the race for the Premier League title

Paul Pogba’s comments seemed to be an honest account of Manchester United’s recent form. However, Rio Ferdinand felt that he would not like to hear that Pogba’s teammate. Speaking on your PET YouTube channel (via Daily Star), the former Manchester United defender said:

“I don’t know, man; I don’t like it when I see it. I have to be honest; if I was in the locker room and my teammate told me I wouldn’t be happy. I’d be honest asking him what he means, what it means – unless I really don’t agree with him. “

Ferdinand, however, praised Pogba for his passion and felt there was a sense of frustration at Old Trafford that the midfielder was not trying to hide.

“I just think Pogba is an honest guy; I like that about him. He’s very passionate; he wants to win. That tells me there’s frustration in the camp, a fundamental frustration. He doesn’t hide it; he can I don’t hide it.”

Ferdinand concluded:

“You usually get standard bots’ answers (in post-game interviews), but there he said a few things that ask questions.”

Paul Pogba has fought in his last games for Manchester United

Although the 4-2 defeat by Leicester City was a blow to the gut for Paul Pogba and Manchester United, the result only exacerbated the existing problems. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team is in crisis, winning just two of their last seven games.

The drastic decline in the form of Paul Pogba worries the Red Devils as well. The Frenchman started the season by recording seven assists in the first four games of the Manchester United Premier League. However, he has not come close to that level in the last six games.

The inconsistency is a constant source of criticism for Paul Pogba during his second stay at Manchester United. It remains to be seen whether the French midfielder will manage to turn the table because the Red Devils are facing a difficult series of games.


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