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“It helped me grow my game” – Kyle Jamieson explains how IPL experience aided him heading into India vs New Zealand Test series



New Zealand pacer Kyle Jamieson admitted to playing in IPL in front Test series against India it definitely benefited him despite the fact that the formats were opposite in nature.

Jamieson (3/47) was the New Zealand bowler of choice on the first day of the Kanpur test. He fired Mayanko Agarwal (13), Shubman Gill (52) and Ajinky Rahane (35) to limit India to 145 for 4. An undefeated position between debutant Shreyas Iyer (75 *) and Ravindra Jade (50 *) lifted India to 258 for 4 at stumps.

Asked if playing in the IPL helped Jamieson prepare for the series in any way, the senior pacer said he did. Speaking at a press conference at the end of the first day, he explained:

“Obviously, this (IPL) is a very different format, but I have gained experience here about some conditions. I also had to experience India as a whole. Every time you get different experiences from which you can learn, it will definitely help you in the game, regardless of the country or league. It helped me develop my game and gave me lessons that were good enough to get into the series. ”

Kanpur is the first example of Jamieson’s bowling in a test match in Asia. Asked if he had made any special adjustments to prepare for the challenge, Kiwi Pacer replied that it was more about the mental side. He said:

“No, not a large amount (change). From a mental perspective, I probably tried to stretch without trying to change my game. I was pretty lucky to have guys like Tim (Southee) and Wags (Neil Wagner). For me, it was about taking my game and adjusting a little bit to what was in front of us. ”

Jamieson and Tim Southee were selected as two pacers for the Kanpur test, while Neil Wagner was left out.

“There was a little variable rejection” – Kyle Jamieson

Jamieson said there were hints of variable rejection on the first day. Asked if the slightly uneven surface helped his bowling, the 26-year-old pointed out:

“There was little variable rejection. Don’t think it was a large amount. We didn’t see during each spell that the balls went up and down. Odd remained a bit low, but I didn’t see a real difference overall. You just have to try to stay there. When the terrain is as it is, in a way you try to pound around the stump, where you can get up and down a bit. ”

Apart from Jamieson, Southee (1/43) was the only other bowler to take a wicket for New Zealand that day as all three spinners were left without a wicket. Supporting the slow bowlers, Jamieson said:

“I don’t think there was much help for them. We didn’t see the balls get big, to come down or spit. So all of them would probably enter the match as the match progresses. They were not very helpful on the first day. “

Three New Zealand spinners, Ajaz Patel, William Somerville and Rachin Ravindra, sent a combined 52 overs in which they achieved 166 runs.


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