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It Looks Like David Hogg’s MyPillow Rival Is Having Some Trouble Getting off the Ground




Good Pillow, the supposed liberal rival to MyPillow founded by anti -gun activist David Hogg, is good for many things – most of which involve laughs at Good Pillow’s expense on Twitter.

My favorite moment came after the company announced anti-gun activist Brandon Wolf had been added to the “activist advisory board.”

“Brandon has experience organizing for gun violence prevention, LGBTQ rights and he is also an amazing person,” Hogg tweeted.

In a reply, Jessica O’Donnell, social media editor for TheBlaze, asked:

Of course, it is always assumed that making pillows is secondary – perhaps even tertiary – for the Good Pillow. In fact, most people have forgotten today.

According to Media Research Center, however, making pillows may never have been a concern for Hogg at all.

In case you forgot, Hogg, who leap to fame as a survivor of the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, gained a lot of coverage when he announced the company in February.

Here Newsweek, stating that Good Pillow has more Twitter followers than MyPillow has even before MyPillow was banned from Twitter for statements by founder Mike Lindell about voter fraud in the 2020 election:

“Two progressives struck the first blow in their pillow fight along with Donald Trump supporter Mike Lindell,” Newsweek reported.

“Twitter banned Lindell’s personal and MyPillow business accounts last month in a bid to curb misinformation in the wake of the U.S. Capitol unrest. At the time, MyPillow had nearly 45,800 Twitter followers. that was surpassed by Good Pillow’s account within 12 hours of its first tweet on Tuesday afternoon. It had accumulated more than 59,000 followers at the time of publication. “

And here’s a CBS affiliate, taking Hogg’s pillow venture very seriously:

More seriously, it seems, than Hogg or his business partner, software engineer William LeGate, who was busy getting the plan.

The Newsweek article was published in Feb. 10. Here’s a part that readers should probably take a little notice of: “A search in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database doesn’t reveal any new companies registered under the name Good Pillow or otherwise.”

That’s something you probably should do if you want to build a brand. However, a day later, the name was registered – not just by Hogg or LeGate.

“Subsequent search of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database revealed that on Feb. 11, a day after Newsweek issued it, the“ Good Pillow ”was actually registered by a Mr. Robert Holland of North Carolina,” the Media Research Center reported on Saturday.

“Congratulations, Bob! You may be the only person who ends up making money from the ‘Good Pillow.’ ”

It’s unclear if the following tweet is related to the registration reported by the MRC, but the fact that someone claimed the name “Good Pillow” is clearly annoying LeGate:

Plus, I hear this person doesn’t have an activist advisory board or anything. And he also doesn’t have a meme game that Good Pillow has. You see, right after they announced the company, LeGate offered $ 1,000 to whoever had the best Good Pillow meme:

Here is the winner:

So I guess Robert Holland won’t just be the person to get the money on the Good Pillow.

The “company” hasn’t tweeted anything since Feb. 10, which is uncommon, given the innate desire of any business to maintain momentum. Part of it may be because Hogg’s The pillow game didn’t necessarily go very well with people who really expected him to be, like, a serious, committed gun control activist, not a soi-disant pillow mogul who also went to whoever asked his motives.

WARNING: The following tweets contain graphic language that may offend some viewers.

Hogg will step down from his role in March for Our Lives amid controversy:

Will he sell any pillows while he “takes[s] some time for himself to reflect and re -recommend to the mission? “I guess he’ll have to ask his“ activist advisory board ”first – but I think Mike Lindell have any competition to worry about in the near future.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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