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“It was a life changing moment” – Reggie reveals how he rediscovered his love for wrestling 




WWE Superstar Reggie told how he grew up as a fan of wrestling and why he eventually took a break from watching the sport.

The former 24/7 champion played in Cirque du Soleil before signing a contract with WWE. He was introduced as Carmella’s sommelier and later embarked on a solo race as a performer in the ring.

The 28-year-old star currently has a contract Monday night RAW and is included in the cover image 24/7. During the interview with Metro, Reggie revealed that he has been a fan of wrestling since childhood, watching it with his uncle.

“I was a big fan. I was a fan when I was very young. It was something my uncle and I did – we watched SmackDown, RAW, and it was a moment we shared together. In those years, being a fan of wrestling wasn’t cool, so I did it with my uncle. Unfortunately, my uncle was shot and killed, and that’s when I stopped watching. I quickly rewound 16 down the road, got back into it, tried it and was a part of it is amazing, ”Reggie said.

Reggie remembers entering the WWE

Reggie made his WWE debut in the ring on January 22 this year in the episode SmackDown, where he faced Sasha Banks. Interestingly, he was never performed on NXT TV like other ambitious superstars. Instead, he went straight to the main list.

When he was in the circus, Reggie occasionally caught up with wrestling watching YouTube. He was given the opportunity to be in the WWE during a talent exchange between Cirque de Soleil and the Performance Center.

When he stepped into the WWE ring, Reggie decided to make WWE his “next adventure”.

“I was in the circus for 16 years. I would watch it occasionally, but I was so on the road that I only caught YouTube clips and whatnot. But then I had a gig in Orlando with Cirque du Soleil and they’re Exchange with the Performance Center, NXT I was part of that exchange. The first time I entered the wrestling ring, I said, ‘I will never let this chance pass me by again. I will give full throttle in This is what I want to do, this is my next adventure’ said Reggie.

His adventure was moderately successful. Reggie is a two-time WWE champion 24/7. His first reign lasted 112 days, which makes him the longest-serving champion in the history of the title.

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