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“It was absolutely horrendous” – Paul Wight on his last few days in WWE




New AEW star Paul Wight talked about contract talks with WWE and why his last days in society were terrible. Wight said WWE was trying to be “uncomfortable” during the contract negotiations, which it did.

Paul Wight left WWE earlier this year because his contract with the company expired. Wight, who is currently at AEW, has been at WWE for two decades.

Speaking on Talk about Jericho, Paul Wight said that at the time of the RAW Legends Night show – which was his last appearance on WWE – he was negotiating a new contract with WWE. Wight further added that contract talks were not smooth.

“I needed a restart. After the last RAW (Legends Night) it was absolutely horrible. I was going through contract negotiations then, so sometimes when you go through negotiations with them, they try, in the absence of a better term I’ll try to make things more uncomfortable , difficult or to prove a point. It ‘s part of the psychology of the game, you know what I mean? “(H / T Post wrestling)

Paul Wight said WWE threw Randy Orton on his chair in the final performance. rejected.

Paul Wight at RAW Legends Night

RAW Legends Night
RAW Legends Night

Paul Wight was also unhappy with how WWE treats their legends and said that in shows like RAW Legends Night legends and Hall of Famers are “creeping into the country”.

Sitting there on the ramp and then, you know, calling me “it was” while I was sitting and watching the game, simply – you talk so much about legends and respect for legends and respect for the Hall of Fame, but, like, whenever the Hall of Fame is nearby, they they are driven into the ground. “

Wight said the show led him to want a “restart” in his professional wrestling career and a rebranding of himself in the business.

Posted March 18, 2021, 12:31 PM IST