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‘It’s Emotionally A Rollercoaster’: Dead Wildlife In Wolf Lake Worries Residents In Hammond, Indiana



'It's Emotionally A Rollercoaster': Dead Wildlife In Wolf Lake Worries Residents In Hammond, Indiana


Chicago (CBS) – Summoned as a witness to the killing, to see what birds off Cicero Indiana.

Officials are warning people from the morning to the area where the birds were found. Marissa Parra, CBS 2 reports about the cause of the residents anxious to find.

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Cicero has spent R. Marsh Birder You look like a hawk birds. Now, watching them on that day in dozens Wolf pit.

“It’s emotionally a roller coaster,” Marsh said.

In February after a harsh, may be the ear, to some casualties and without waiting for the

“But to see the number of birds Wolf Pit Channel is something that I do for them,” Marsh said.

One was found in it a hundred documenting WHITEHALL safe Swan and the next assembly FacebookAnd started to close before the age of dead sea ducks, George.

Since the CBS aired a story 2 days ago: The birds posts from the dead, or misconduct. The wolf pit, is no longer to be present to such an extent. See here now and there were many, as Cicero says in the places of the marina.

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And they’re not just finding dead birds.

“The dead carp. I four found it as it is today, “said Koonce O.” I am worried that he came here the most times, and the fish, he was coming, the gifts of my cousin ‘s kids, and for the most part out of here, and that he still figure out what it’s there’s in no way is going on, you know what this is? “

In the latest Illinois Department of Management (same) Wolf Lake, and round about taking the “discharge points” from the other day industrial plants. However, the broken trust among the people living here are looking manner similar to rush to trial.

“Because of lack of confidence, there is, if there is an option that we can get connected to a pharmacist, which is something we are considering,” said Marsh.

If the results of the testing show that they will not come back because of illness or bad weather, it is not beyond the same, said to be the temptation from which it was made.

CBS 2, Marissa Parra reached out and falls more in a week from now, that if the office is not involved either on the price or to communicate to the people who live here. So far, there is nothing to answer me.

Barry said the same thing about Sneed sent to CBS 2 about the outcome,

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The wolf is, and for some time a battle was fought on behalf of the basic parameters of the water I am poured in protecting me the pit, in which there is no water, such as George of the attention to this. Further, it is the proof that there may be, as may be due. Further, the same facilities while investigating them, a continual flow of the blood of the points in the wolf pit. We have to remain as long as not to think that the area of ​​the investigation into a public, be done.