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‘It’s really upsetting’: Students speak out against Catholic high school’s gender pronoun policy




Wheaton, Ill. – After the first game a week out of St. Francis of Wheaton, m. Upperclassmen have anything to talk about the high school’s policy on the use of pronouns.

“There is a problem, however, is not willing to be said to be a pronoun that is, if you please,” said Daniel O’Connell, a junior at St. Francis.

«I do not see why he should be the cause of the makes use of them, is nothing but a pronoun. The fact that it’s not hurting anyone or anything like that, “added fellow classmate.

Pronominibus inclusion and honor

“I think this verdict which they love to honor their body,” Tully said Riggs, which is a smaller school.

The school of the parents of Mercury in the night, are you, commander, Francis wrote a letter to the staff of the Diocese of Joliet in order to adhere to the earlier discussed the matter among themselves, it is clear that they are continually occur, with the students in accordance with their biological sex.

“Policy is really in words and the fear of me,” said Fabricius Kasprak.

“From what kind of changes are backward in time,” he added more, Jenna Jameson.

Since the start of the game Becker, senior Jupiter used female pronouns this week he is asked to stand as he called them.

“What’s really disturbing, as a student at the school with the most powerful people, who am I to ignore said Molanus.

Some students are reproved by their subjects to be able to go to school, counsel, and therefore that they request.

The Diocese of Joliet and St. ABC7 declined an invitation to be interviewed on camera, but a spokeswoman for the Diocese in a statement said:

“Many students of St. Francis High School but received as-you-to-know” included hands to questions about hobbies and their favorite vacation spots, learning good technique, nickname rather pronoun, to name a few. The question is selected pronoun that Teaching does not match with the social “.

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