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Jackson, Mississippi, gets clearance to lift boil water notices weeks after brutal winter storms




“The City of Jackson has officially received permission from the Mississippi State Department of Health to lift the caution warning to boil water at its 43,000-mile surface water connections served by the treatment plants. Curtis and JH Fewell waters, ”the message said.

A la sequelae of winter storms which hit parts of the U.S. in February, the city encountered a water crisis, with thousands of residents and businesses reporting little or no water pressure – and some go without weeks a drop of water.
The city provided “wash water” to residents, while organizations also helped distribute water bottles to affected residents.
In a Twitter post late last week, Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba wrote that he was “grateful” for the outpouring of support “as we continue to work to recover from the February winter storm.”
In a press release posted on the city’s website earlier this week, Jackson officials said they were confident the water service had been “largely restored” throughout the city.
About 5,000 customers remain without water in Jackson, Mississippi, according to a city official

Officials added in the press release that the water pressure was kept at around 90 psi, or pounds per square inch, which was used to measure the water pressure. During last month’s icy temperatures and fierce storms, the psi fell to about 37, causing a water cut.

“Any remaining incident of low or no water pressure is likely to be a localized meter problem or pipe breakage,” the statement said. “We encourage residents to continue calling 311 if they have trouble investigating.”

Key needs for residents include bottled water, hand sanitizing wipes, washable wipes, soap, PPE, utility assistance, grocery gift certificates, and garbage disposal assistance. added.