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January 6 committee receives text messages from Meadows and emails with “wide range” of people while the attack was in progress




The messages on Meadows’ personal cell phone and email account, which were voluntarily delivered without any claim to executive privilege, relate to “what Donald Trump was doing and not doing during the riots,” the source added. .

These communications provide a window into what people were texting in Meadows on January 6, what they were told about Trump in real time, and what the former president was doing during those hours while the Capitol was under attack and the mutineers. they sang “Hang Mike.” Pence “, according to the source.

Although a handful of Trump supporters have challenged the committee, the source familiar with the investigation said “there are” a lot of people every week who come to testify and present documents. ” In some cases, “several people a day” appear before the committee, the source added.

The work of the committee is carried out on two levels: in public and behind closed doors. The committee said it had cited about 40 people, but the source told CNN that there are a large number of additional citations that have not been publicly disclosed. The source says that among these witnesses are “names that we will recognize” and, finally, they are likely to be made public as well.

In a letter sent to the Meadows’ attorney on Wednesday, the committee hinted at the content of the texts it has received from Trump’s former chief of staff. The letter noted that Meadows provided the committee with “text messages about the need for the former president to issue a public statement that could have stopped the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.”

A source familiar with the communications told CNN that the texts may not reflect the former president well.

Wednesday, Prats filed a lawsuit against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and select committee members after the panel announced its intention to proceed with criminal proceedings for contempt against him.

Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, who serves as chair of the committee, reacted to Meadows’ request by telling CNN, “We look forward to litigation,” and noted that Meadows refuses to answer questions about documents she voluntarily handed over. . the committee.

“The committee has received a number of extremely interesting and non-privileged documents from Mr Meadows,” he said. “They include documents that are directly related to what President Trump should have done on January 6 during the attack, and now he refuses to appear to answer questions about these unprivileged documents.”