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Jen Psaki owns Jim Jordan for trying to blame rising gas prices on Biden



White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has traditionally defended the Biden administration’s policies from her stay in the briefing room of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, but now she has made an intrusion on Twitter to defend the president’s economic policies from the ignorant. trolling by Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

Representative Jordan has long been among the most right-wing members of Congress as a founding member of the Freedom Caucus and is perhaps most famous for refusing to wear a suit jacket while on the floor of the House and for his failure to report the sexual abuse in college wrestlers team physician while he was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State University.

As typical of Republicans now in the minority in Congress, Jordan is more focused on marking propaganda points. Fox News programs and on social media than his responsibilities as a legislator since the Biden administration introduced his role model Donald Trump from the presidency.

In that sense, Rep. Jordan took to Twitter this morning to blame President Biden for the fuel price hike faced by Americans as the oil pandemic ended and people were back on the road for the summer.

Seeing Jordan’s tweet, the Press Secretary immediately contextualized the note into the context Jordan ignored.

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Psaki’s reminder that Jordan and his GOP cronies kept quiet on excessive gas prices when they reached the same level during the Trump administration pointing to Jordan’s cynical and hypocritical nature position.

Psaki’s deft parrying of the reactionary congressman was one of the reasons he was praised for his performance as Press Secretary and earned him a bevy of praise in the comments section of his tweet.

Jen Psaki for the win, really.

Meanwhile, we who live in California where average gas prices are close to (or above) the four dollar mark are green with envy at the prospect of a $ 3.07 price tag per gallon.

Unfortunately, cheap gas prices have only encouraged the use of vehicles that burn fossil fuels and have slowed the necessary transition to the electric vehicles we need to help prevent the climate crisis.

At some point, the cost of future environmental damage has to be considered at the price of a gallon of gas so people who use dirty fuel are contributing to the cost of their convenience.

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