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“Jim Crow in a suit and tie” — Stacey Abrams rails on GOP attempts to restrict ballot access




If there’s one person Democrats can thank for their current majority – and thus for the power to pass the American Rescue Plan – it’s Georgia voting rights activist and former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Abrams ’effort to maximize voter turnout came out of his state in the face of GOP attempts to build roadblocks that make it more difficult to vote in areas that have traditionally voted for Democrats. President Biden’s victory in November and Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Senate runoff elections in January and gave his party the strength to start spinning the country after the Trump administration’s failure.

Unfortunately, the success of Abrams ’campaign to expand turnout among minorities and other voters who may have filled the election in recent years has prompted Georgia Republicans and their counterparts in other state-led GOP to propose and enact a new series of laws that would restrict access to polls and make future elections more difficult for Democrats to win by increasing voter numbers.

Abrams enthusiastically challenged this Republican -initiated law as deeply racist in one look CNN‘s State of the Union this morning where he vigorously argued for the passage of the federal voting rights bill currently under consideration in Congress.

As head of the voting rights advocacy organization Fair Fight, Abrams also cited the opinion of State Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that it is also controversial that Georgia Republicans ’attempts to limit voter access in the ballot box is racist.

“First of all, I really agree it’s racist. It’s a Jim Crow redux in a suit and leash,” Abrams told host Jake Tapper. “Not for those who have questions about security. In fact, the secretary of state and the governor went to great lengths to make sure America that the elections in Georgia were safe, and so the only connection we could find was more people of color voted, and changed. its the consequence of the election in a direction that Republicans do not want. “

In Abram’s eyes, the only solution to curb anti -democratic GOP efforts is to pass legislation at the federal level that ensures all Americans have equal access to exercise their right to vote.

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While many people predicted that the only way to ensure that a Senate equally divided between the parties could pass such legislation – given the 60 supermajority votes required for approval – was to first eliminate the filibuster rules in that room, Abrams feels that such a drastic step may not be necessary.

“I don’t believe it’s necessary to completely eliminate filibuster to achieve the goals of passing these bills,” Abrams said in State of The Union.

“The Election Closed in the Constitution guarantees that only Congress has the power to control the time, manner and place of the election. That is a power sacrifice,” he declared. “We’re watching across the country as individual lawmakers try to use big lies to block access to the right to vote.”

While it is argued that, in fact, the voting rights law should be excluded from the filibuster, Abrams believes that even an adjustment to Senate policies about how the filibuster works may be enough to get the new law on the finish line.

In the face of Republicans who seem to have little faith in the basic principles of Democracy (or believe that its principles only apply to white men), Abrams ’optimism may seem missed.

However, there is probably no other individual in this country better suited to fighting against this political manipulation of the electoral process than this Black woman activist from Georgia.

We hope that Senate Democrats will listen to his words and make the changes necessary to pass the voting rights law before the next round of national elections.

You can watch an excerpt of Stacey Abrams ’appearance CNN‘s State of the Union in the video below.

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Original reporting by Joseph Choi of The Hill.

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