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Join us for #CallToEarth Day on November 10, 2021




On November 10, 2021 we will celebrate the first Day of the Call to Earth. Celebrating a planet worth protecting, we will partner with schools, individuals and organizations around the world to raise awareness of environmental issues and participate in conservation education. Join CNN on November 10 for a special day of coverage on television, digital and our social media channels.

Call to Earth is a CNN initiative dedicated to conservation, environmentalism and sustainability. Through television, our website, and social media, we tell stories about our amazing planet and the prominent people who protect it.

Everyone is invited. We can all play a role in creating a movement definitely. To participate in Earth Call Day, you simply need to do something positive to protect the environment on November 10, 2021. The scope is wide and we ask that you think big, be creative, and that your event is shocking. Use the form below to register your event and tell us what you plan to do, to have the opportunity to appear on TV and digital.

When should my event take place?

The call for Earth Day is November 10th. If you can’t hold an event that day, don’t worry. Just take a picture of your favorite place in nature and then tell us what it means to you and why it’s worth protecting. Be sure to use the #CallToEarth tag so you can see it.

Can I share my event on social media?

Please do it! Looking ahead to November 10th and the same day, promote your event on social media using the hashtag #CallToEarth. Post as soon and often as you like. The best publications will appear on television and digital. We encourage you to mention Planet Calling Day on November 10, but there is no obligation.

Where can I access Call to Earth resources?

You can find episodes of Call to Earth, features on positive weather actions and interviews with climate heroes Call to Earth.

CNN will air a special half-hour Earth Day call on November 10, so be sure to tune in to CNN International at 12:30 pm ET and 3:30 pm ET to watch.