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Judge Judy Ends 25-Year Broadcast TV Run, Wears One Accessory That Eagle-Eyed Fans Will Notice



After 25 years in session, “Judge Judy” has taped its final case.

But the main element of morning TV on CBS is not lost; it switches from a network show to a streaming one with an unspecified title.

Judy Sheindlin, a former Family Court judge who became TV’s “Judge Judy” in 1996, hasn’t said goodbye since the final lawsuit for her network career ended. The case is a dispute about drywall.

“OK, that’s great. You owe her $ 500. Judgment for the plaintiff. You should pay your bills. That’s all we’re done. Thank you very much,” she said at the end of the last case she taped for CBS, according to Jezebel.


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There is something special, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal wrote that “one detail will pop up here in the coming years: a brilliant, bee -shaped clip that Ms. Sheindlin wears in her hair. It’s a wink to the fans, and a nod to her company of production of Queen Bee at the end of a 25-year reign in daytime television. “

The stages do not perform in the order recorded. The last episode taped is scheduled to air on June 8, according to the Journal. The final episode itself is scheduled to release on June 25th.

Sheindlin, 78, has no plans to retire. His new court show will appear on Amazon’s streaming service, IMDb TV, late this year.

“You have to be here to win it,” Sheindlin said of starting a show on a unique platform, according to the Journal.

“I don’t play golf. I don’t play tennis. I don’t play mahjong. Why would I want to search for something I want to do that I already know what I want to do? “he told the newspaper.

Sheindlin said his trademark acerbic wit was the show’s success.

“It’s not showing business if there’s no show, but the message is consistent, and I mean,” he said, according to the Journal.


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Her new show remains without an official title, though Sheindlin prefers “Judy Justice,” according to the Journal.

The show has only one season respectively. Sheindlin will tape 120 episodes, a little less than half the 260 a year he makes for network TV.

“I assume I’ll know if‘ Judy Justice ’bombs,” he told the Journal. “At this point, I don’t need to verify my footprint.”

The show partially ended in hiatus due to COVID-19. In recent months, Sheindlin and CBS have quarreled over money.

“We had a great wedding,” he said. “It’s going to be a Bill and Melinda Gates divorce.”

When the final taping was over, a video tribute with many of the stars he had met and known over the years was shown during the post-court celebration, according to Los Angeles Times.

“I want to thank you from my heart,” Sheindlin said previously in a video conference.

“I feel blessed that you have given me the benefit of your talents throughout the past years – and changed the strength of myself, my family and friends forever,” he said.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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