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Judge rules Derek Chauvin murder trial will continue and stay in Minneapolis




The decision comes a week after the city pledged to pay $ 27 million to Floyd’s estate.

Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously last week to settle a lawsuit with Floyd’s family.

The public announcement of the deal amid jury selection infuriated Chauvin’s defense, which argued it harmed jurors against his client. Prosecutor Eric Nelson asked Judge Peter Cahill to move and delay the trial in light of the publicity.

“The fact that this has reached the exact half of the jury selection – baffles me, your honor, whose idea was to release this information when it was released,” Nelson said.

Cahill ruled Monday that he would call back the seven jurors already selected in the case and question them about the deal. He said he would accept the defense motion for delay under counsel.

Two of the seven jurors summoned were excused Wednesday after telling the court that news in the middle of the trial about the deal with Floyd’s estate affected his ability to be impartial.

The defense had previously requested that the trial be moved from Minneapolis, but Cahill preliminarily rejected the request in November.

The defense’s request to delay the trial came when the second week of jury selection closed in the trial of Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing Floyd on May 25, 2020. Floyd’s last moments, videotaped, sparked widespread protests against police brutality and racism under the Black Lives Matter banner, as well as incidents of riots and looting.

Chauvin has pleaded guilty to involuntary second-degree murder and second-degree homicide. He has also pleaded guilty to a third-degree murder, a charge reinstated in the case last week.

Twelve of the 14 juries have already been selected. Two of these juries will be alternates.