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Jurors in Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial have asked for transcripts from all four accusers’ testimony




Maxwell, she’s my friend and long time ally late sex offender Jeffrey EpsteinHe pleaded guilty to six counts of not guilty: sex trafficking of a minor, kidnapping a minor while traveling to commit an illegal sex act, transporting a minor with the intent to commit a criminal sexual activity, and three counts of conspiracy.

If convicted of all six counts, Maxwell faces up to 70 years in prison.

The jurors deliberated about the next Monday and then every Tuesday and Wednesday. At that time, they asked the court to tranquil testimonies from Jane, “Kate,” Carolyn and Annie Farmer — the . four women whose petit the main issue against Maxwell.
The jurors were also invited to testify by four other witnesses: Juan Alessi; Maxwell’s house manager; Matt. Jane’s former boyfriend; Gregory Parkinson, former Palm Beach Police officer who participated in the 2005 crime scene investigation of Epstein’s home in Palm Beach, Florida; and David Rogers the governor for Epifanius and Maxwell.

On Monday morning, the jury asked for a definition of “chosen” as part of the two crimes. The judge wrote that “to attract, induce or allure by using hope or desire.”

And in their afternoon deliberation, under oath, they sent a question to the judge about one crime. After a discussion on how to respond, Judge Alison Nathan finally brought the jury back to the jury’s indictment, saying the parties in the trial did not understand the meaning of the question and “it’s hard to legally and legally parse what you’re asking”.

The judges were loaded up to 5 pm and are expected to work Tuesday at 9 am. must be repeated

The three-week trial was highlighted in chapter consultations the testimony of four womenwho said Maxwell had been recruited and reported to have been sexually abused by Epifanius and had sometimes participated in that abuse. Alleged abuses began when they were younger than 18, and their accusations from 1994 to 2004 have been extended.
Epstein, a deceptive financial officer who pleaded guilty in 2008 to a state prostitution charge; styled on federal commercial sex charges in July 2019; he he died from death in prison after a month. Maxwell, now 60, was arrested in 2020 and was arrested behind bars under tight custody.

What happened in the courtroom

Prosecutors brought in a series of waves at trial showing Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein together.

The prosecution called twenty-four witnesses over 10 days to testify. Their main reason for the four women rested on the personal stories of their role in facilitating Epstein’s abuse.

Jane, testifying under the pseudonym, said Maxwell organized sexual massage with Epstein and sometimes joined abuses it. The crimes of enticing and transporting witnesses are to be observed only.
Carolyn testified that when she was 14, Maxwell touched breasts, hips and butts and said to him she had a great body for Epifanius and his friends. The boy’s sex trafficking count – the most serious of all crimes – is his record.
Kate testifies Maxwell invited her and directed her how to give Epifanius sexual massage. Maxwell said he often spoke with her about sexual arguments and asked Kate to invite other girls to an Epiphany.
The farmer, the only accuser, will testify in his own name; warnings Maxwell was 16 with his bare chest on a 1996 Epstein ranch in New Mexico.
The charges against Ghislainem Maxwell in a federal sex trafficking trial are explained
Prosecutors sought Maxwell and Epifanius joined art He said his actions are normal trunks of sexual abuse by international agencies in his properties in New York, Florida, New Mexico and the US Virgin Islands.

“One middle-aged man who invites a teenage girl to visit his village, to come home to seek refuge in New York, is creepy,” prosecutor Alison Moe said during closing arguments. “But when that man is accompanied by a posh, smiling, honest, age-appropriate woman, that is when everything seems legitimate.

“And when that woman encourages those girls to hang up her husband, since she is very like a man to touch those girls, she entices them into a trap. She lets the man silence the alarm bells.”

Nine witnesses were called to the defense to testify over two days. Focused on his cause four long questions to the prosecutorsthey allegedly invaded their causes and memories. Maxwell refused to testify in his defense.

In closing arguments, Maxwell’s attorney Laura Menninger asked Epstein to separate the case and suggested that he also handled it. The prosecution said the probe will consist of distracting images of Maxwell Epstein, among many who show him a massacre at the foot.

“He’s tempted to be with Jeffrey Epstein, and perhaps the biggest mistake of his life — but it wasn’t a crime,” Menninger told the juror.