Karrion Kross topples Finn Bálor to reclaim NXT Championship


On NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver Invincible Carrion Cross overcame Finn Balor once again claim the title of NXT Champion.

Although Prince has been in tears since returning to the NXT, it cannot be denied that his opportunity to become the NXT champion only came after Cross was forced to vacate the title back in August due to injury. Fate decreed that the return of the championship, which he never lost, was only a matter of time.

After Balor judged each other in the center of the ring in the first few moments, the slap in the face infuriated Cross, which ended with him flying into the ring stance and allowing Finn to take advantage of the mistake and get to work. the left arm and shoulder of his opponent. Despite the explosive moments of Cross’s assault all over, Balor did lead his opponent into deep water, returning again and again to his left shoulder.

Soon, Cross’s unbridled rage took center stage as the challenger nearly killed the Prince. But Balor continued to return to his strategy and work not only on the shoulder, but also on the ribs and liver of his enemy.

But Cross did not give up and fired again and again. When Balor hit the Coupe de Grace, Cross kicked and fought back with his own straitjacket. When Balor made another move, Cross escaped and hit him in the neck on the mat like a man possessed. It was this last series of punches that got Prince out of the game and allowed Cross to land the final blow to the back of the head to regain the title.


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