Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro tempt fate with Tian Sha showdown


Kayden Carter and Casey Katanzaro tempt fate with showdowns with Tian Sha

Tian Sha made it clear to the representatives of the black and gold brand that they would not tolerate resistance, but Kayden Carter & Casey Catanzaro do not heed these warnings.

Despite a couple of defeats each against Xia Li, Carter and Catanzaro face off against Tian Sha this Wednesday at NXT. Lee incapacitated Katanzaro by stomping her knee savagely on the steel steps by the ring during a match. The upstart duo fought back with a crushing attack on crutches. Boa two weeks ago, but Tian Sha’s anger is still focused on them.

Undeterred, Carter and Catanzaro called for a strong group last week on NXT. What will happen when they face Tian Sha this time?

Watch out for this Wednesday 8/7 C encounter on the US network.


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