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Keanu Reeves As All Your Favorite Disney Princes




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“Caninius is something under the sea.”


Keanu as Prince Lepiding;

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

Keanu immediately wanted to track down Cinderella, to rescue her from the glass slipper with her hand.


Keanu as Prince Phillip:

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

Keanu’s already mastered the knightly and combat skills so that he could easily kill the evil dragon.


Keanu as Prince Eric;

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

Keanu would probably playfully introduce himself to Ariel as Captain Ted and say, “Something is under the sea.”


Keanu as Aladdin:

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

When Keanu and Aeneas fly through the clouds riding on the magic carpet, he was like, “Hey, I was called into the movie. A Walk in the Clouds!


Keanu as prince

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

After Nivea awoke Nivea got up, Keanu asked her: “Did you get a blue pill or a red cap?” And then explain what The Matrix is.


Keanu as Prince Naveen:

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

You know Keanu will probably be enjoying his frog season, purely from the experience.


Keanu as Li Shang

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

Keanu could teach Mulan how to “fight like a man” and then hire her as a stunt doubled.


Keanu as John Smith;

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

Keanu would rescue Pocahontas from all troubles with the English settlers, and would bring it somewhere more cold and less problematic.


And finally Keanu as the Beast

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed / Disney

Keanu 100% hit Gaston in the fist and then goes home to Belle, where they spend time reading Shakespeare in their library.

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