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Kid Rock Doubles Down And Defends Using The F-Word In A Bizarre Tweet



2002 I feel like it’s all over again.

For the past few years the kid, and it was busy.

DIA Dipasupil / Getty Images for Chruchill Downs

Since give the bang bang bawitdaba give Diggy Diggy Diggy “singer socialists is not true as far to the left, and to suck the liberal nuts …

As is clear that follows the socialist and liberal social … These leave BEEF ON deez Nutz !! -Everyone else, the big weekend? The rock -kid

Twitter: @KidRock

… he’s real Beatles’ “suck off the door knob Hollyweird …”

The Beatles wanted to be popular, they will not be … .period the movies. And it looks like it will be screened by Hollyweird door knob to get off it. The oldest move in the book. Good luck girl. The rock -kid

Twitter: @KidRock

… or spending time hitting the links in favor golfin ‘partner.

Twitter: @KidRock

But the former rich kid entries in a bit of trouble it’s also on this level using the f-word like a bully seventh 2002.

Accordingly, a few days ago, TMZ reported Kid Rock used a homophobic slur at the bar in concert.

Pool / Getty Images

It seems that someone said, ‘You fucking f ***** s with the iPhone! “

Then, for some reason, two days later, Kid Rock decided to double the f-word Tweet:

Kid Rock vast If the word offends you, you are a good chance. Either way, I know that he has a lot of gay friends, the love of self and was talking with him. Have a good day. -Bob pomponius

Twitter: @KidRock

First of all … what? Kid Rock is gay friends?

According to all these, which Bob Pomponius, is it?

Well, it’s really a little Google search would reveal that Kid Rock’s real name.

In this way, yeah, Bob tweeting out of the rock, however, is the very Pomponius, aka Kid? I’m confused.

However However, I’m stuck on Kid Rock had gay friends.

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