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Klay Thompson injury update: What’s the latest word on the injured Golden State Warriors star?



There is a lot of hurry around Golden State Warriors as they prepare for the start of the 2021-22 season in the NBA League. Fans are thrilled to see what this team can do after showing little grain over the past year. After adding a number of veterans to the list full of young talent, the Warriors could have an intriguing mix of players who will make a fuss at the Western Conference this year.

Although there is noise around the Golden State team that will be on the floor for the start of the regular season, there is one player that everyone will follow throughout the season. It’s been almost two years since we saw Klay Thompson on the NBA floor. After initially suffering a torn ACL in the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors, Thompson would suffer another injury out of season, this time a torn right Achilles. It was a tough road for Klay Thompson and there is no doubt that the Warriors will want to be as careful as possible with returning their colleague “Splash Brother” to the field.

What’s new with Klay Thompson?

January seems to be Klay Thompson’s target to return to the Warriors
January seems to be Klay Thompson’s target to return to the Warriors

There have been a lot of misconceptions when it comes to certain target dates for Klay Thompson’s return. It seems as if a different kind of answer comes to the surface every time a question is asked. Back in August, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reported that the Warriors were targeting a Christmas game against the Phoenix Suns as a possible comeback for Thompson. Warriors GM Bob Myers was recently asked about the update and said the team hopes the five-time All-Star may return around January.

Bob Myers said Klay Thompson can do a lot at camp, “just don’t contact, no 5 on 5”. He said there would be a point – “maybe January” – where Klay would know he was ready. But it will be patience and a lot of squabbling, even before the intense G-League exercises.

The clear message to be taken from all of this is patience. Warriors understand how important Thompson’s return is to this organization. After suffering serious lower body injuries for years in a row, Golden State realizes he can’t afford to rush Thompson, as another injury could seriously wrinkle the team’s future. With players like Stephen Curry i Draymond Green taking the lead, the Warriors will continue to be dangerous opponents every night.

This team realizes that if they can put up with patience and get Klay Thompson back to normal, they can compete with any team in the NBA. The pairing of Curry and Thompson gave the Warriors a huge advantage overnight as they were the most dangerous backfield in the entire NBA league. With a team like Golden State, who can take over the game with his outside shooting, Thompson would seriously increase their firepower when he returns.

For basketball fans around the world, we’ll all be patiently waiting to see Klay turn it on again from the outside on the NBA floor.



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