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Kushner Calls Biden’s Offer To Rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal a ‘Smart Diplomatic Move’ — Here’s Why




President Joe Biden’s receiving praise from an unlikely source – the son -in -law of the former President Donald Trump.

Jared Kushner, who served as a senior Trump adviser, cited in The Wall Street Journal op-ed published on Sunday that Biden was “right” making China a foreign policy priority.

However, he warned the new president against not attempting to build on what he said Trump had made progress in the Middle East. Kushner claimed that Trump had “removed the caliphate of ISIS” and noted that his administration had assisted in brokerage deals between the Arab countries and Israel to normalize relations.

“The Biden administration, however, has an asset that the Trump administration did not have – a relationship with Iran,” Kushner said.

He continued, “While many are confused by the opening up of the Biden team’s offer to cooperate with Europe and re -join the agreement with Iran, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, I see it as a smart diplomatic move.”

Kushner said that by signaling openness to rejoin the nuclear deal in 2015, “the administration called Iran’s bluff.”

“It announced to Europeans that the JCPOA is dead and only a new framework can bring stability for the future. When Iran asked for a reward just for starting negotiations, President Biden did the right thing and refused,” he added. niya.

“Sir. Trump said that Iran has never won a war but has never lost a negotiation. This negotiation is high stakes, and, thanks to his policies, America’s hand is tight. Iran is pretending to be a force. , but its economic situation is appalling, and it is incapable of sustaining conflict or living indefinitely under current sanctions. “

Finally, Kushner said, “America must be patient and insist that any deal includes genuine nuclear inspections and an end to Iran’s funding of foreign militias.”

Under the 2015 deal, Iran agreed to limit its nuclear activities and to ship 97% of its fuel fuels out of the country. In exchange for countries, sanctions will be lifted.

magkatakata umatras from deals in 2018 and slapped Iranian companies with new sanctions. After the US withdrew from the agreement, Iran began violating certain terms of the agreement.

In February 2021, Iran announced which would prevent United Nations officials from conducting inspections on the country’s nuclear activities if “others are not fulfilling their obligations” in the nuclear deal.

In addition, the Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said the country’s “final and irreversible” position is that the U.S. must lift sanctions before it returns to compliance with the agreement.

Biden said he wanted to restart the deal, but administration officials keep that before the US agrees to re-enter the agreement and lift sanctions, Iran must return to compliance with the agreement.


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