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Kushner resurfaces with op-ed on the Middle East




In the op-ed, Kushner touts the fact that Abraham calls Accords President Joe Biden that’s built into the process in the Middle East, “in particular praised the plan, but also offering some encouragement to Biden.

Kushner is one of the most everywhere officials at the Trump administration, which was tasked with far-reaching responsibilities of the Middle East peace criminal justice reform, either into or low profile since leaving the White House, roaming the Washington to Miami with his wife Ivanka Trump is January 20.

Earlier this month, CNN reported When former President Donald Trump thinks his return to the state, the Mar-a-tanks, Kushner is tapped and several people who worked closely with him at the White House, and they are familiar with his thinking told CNN that a background in order to maintain relationships.

“Now, he’s just checked out of the State,” told CNN that one person, in most cases, is really the true Kushner CNN – a – Trump and the effective rhetoric. Another familiar with a new head Kushner and a fresh start farmer he wants, one that does not include its advising father-in-law on a daily basis. But the two others, who told CNN that he spoke to him, Trump is true in the inner circle with angry Kushner.

Kushner was key businessman Abraham accords to a historic US-brokered peace between Israel and the United States and Bahrain, the user signed in September 2020, after joining the White House and upon the hope consent. It is too much the political, the economic and financial part of the establishment of the first to introduce the relationships to be lived in each of the regions of the world, historiasque having the Spirit.
At Sunday’s op-ed, Kushner praised for Biden’s management Interior openness to the war should be conducted, with IranThe European Union has rejected month and offer to participate in a nuclear talks with the US and other signatories of the nuclear deal. Biden he said You yourselves do not touch the burdens with up sanctions on Iran to return to the negotiating table with the US, as long as it encourages us to all this, unless there would be likely to happen, if he turns away from his enriching uranium to Tehran.

“In Biden administration will not have a soccer and Trump administration did not have any relationship with Iran. While many are demon-Biden team’s opening offer to work in Europe and Remove player on Iran deal, which dramatically latest plan action seen as a move the commissioners’ Kushner wrote.

He continued, “The Biden administration said Iran’s fleet was violence. This was revealed to the Europeans, who JCPOA is dead, and only a framework can labor for the food for the future. And when Iran asked to seek a means for initiating a conference, and President Biden did the right thing She refused. “

For his part, Secretary of State Tony blinken has praised the Trump argued that it came to peace in the Middle East, saying last week that “we start to catch led to a degree in the countries to Normalize accounts in Israel were a very good thing and if we want to build on. “

Kushner also described the Arab-Israeli conflict is nothing more than a real-estate dispute between Israelis and Palestinians and Arabs in Israel, do not hold the broader aspects and around the world. ”

“The table is set. If there is pain, Biden administration will seize this historic power of the prince of the Middle East’s potential as a safe and Americans support the generation of conflict and instability in the country turn the page,” he wrote.

What is the op-ed Reuters reports Kushner is planning to write a book about his time in the White House, with a focus on the Middle East, among other topics.

CNN’s Marcus Cicero Greeks Bash and Paul LeBlanc attention to this report.