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 Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker drama worsens as the former denies trying to ‘kidnap’ daughter    




The separated YouTube couple, Landon McBroom and Shyla Walker, have been making headlines since he was first accused of kidnapping their child. Walker posted a video on his YouTube channel revealing explosive details about how McBroom physically and mentally abused her, his mother Michole reviewed Walker’s bank statements and his alleged attempted kidnapping.

The 23-year-old mother posted the video on September 29. In response to the amazing 50-minute video, Landon McBroom teased a picture on Snapchat where he, Michole, Walker and her mother are talking in their former shared home.

Landon McBroom he continued to post his story page on YouTube yesterday, where he tried to clarify the allegations against himself.

What did Landon McBroom say about the alleged abduction?

In Walker’s detailed video, she explained how McBroom, along with mutual friends Joseph and Michole, devised a plan to they kidnap their child, Souline. However, the kidnapping attempt failed because Walker called police.

The 24-year-old father then went to his YouTube channel to defend himself. He gave context to the infamous closing meeting that took place in between former couplesaying:

“During this meeting, I did not have any restraining order. This is also the last time she and I talked. And not only that, this is less than a week, a few days after we allegedly kidnapped Souline. On May 15, there was a kidnapping between Joseph and me and Souline. On May 21, literally less than a week later, we have this meeting at our house. ”

Landon McBroom also thanked his friend Joseph endlessly for recording their last meeting. He added that this one did it to protect himself after he was accused of kidnapping Souline. Landon McBroom said:

“Fortunately at this point, the only reason we had this footage was because Joseph got scared and was filming it to protect himself. Remember, this is a few days after he was allegedly the kidnapper. ”

The popular YouTube drama channel Spill Sesh quickly caught McBroom in a lie. Although Landon McBroom said he received the recording only after Walker posted her explosive video, Landon McBroom’s microphone could be heard hiding under a blanket, indicating that Joseph and McBroom were planning to record the meeting.

Landon McBroom also tried to do Walker look aggressive and stated that Walker should be “checked or evaluated” for his actions. As he continued to defend himself against the kidnapping charges, he said:

“If this person [Landon McBroom] if someone you really felt like tried to kidnap your daughter a few days ago, you’ll tell me you’ll help him get ready to take her for a walk. That doesn’t make sense to me at all. That alone should let you know that she has never watched it [Landon McBroom] so, she was never afraid of him, she always trusted him. All this should be thrown out the window immediately. ”

He ended the one-hour defense by warning Walker not to react to his video, stating that he would continue to publish her flattering clips to get people to stand up to her.



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