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League of Legends patch 11.17 will introduce changes to make Amumu more viable in high-elo games 




Riot Games is currently testing changes that will seek to make Amuma sustainable in the League of Legends High-elo games.

Changes in Amum are currently underway PBE and tests are taken to verify its viability. The problem with Amumu is that it has fallen quite massively down the ladder compared to other jungles.

Other jungles that are part of the high-elo target have a much better set and are extremely versatile. Therefore, unless someone works on a drunken line in the League of Legends on Friday night, the chances of choosing Amuma in diamond ranks and above are almost nil.

Riot, however, is willing to consider this by making changes to his kit that will make it more usable.

Riot tests changes in Amumu Qu to increase his selection rate in high-elo games within the League of Legends

Amumu’s selection in Diamond and above League of Legends matches is terrible. The only place Amumu shines is in the lower elo games where people don’t know how to confront him. Amumu is nothing but a meat shield that can absorb great damage. In addition, it is only sustainable if someone tries to fight it in a one-on-one situation.

Amumu ideally grabs the enemy and tries to keep him engaged, while the rest of his team inflicts damage. However, a jungler like Diana, Viego or Lee Sin does not have to rely on these to do harm because they are quite self-sufficient. It doesn’t end here because other jungles are much better at achieving goals, which Amumu can’t do.

Lee Sin or Viego in League of Legends can very easily take down a drake compared to Amum, so people have no reason to play it. In addition, Amumu is a pure tank, and the current state of the tanks in the game is, to say the least, bad. Items like the Divine Sunderer in League of Legends made life difficult for the tanks, so Amumu completely lost his place in the target.

In a recent tweet by Riot’s leading game designer, Jeevun Sidhu, he mentioned the following:

I wanted to talk about Amum quickly. Our goals here are to improve Amuma in larger MMRs, as its current disparity in performance is very large.

Tl; dr – he has 2 Q charges and we drew current from other places. Good luck testing!

It appears that the changes to the Amumu Q will be similar to Caitlyn W or Teemo R. However, testing on the exact way it will work is still needed. Hopefully further updates in the future will address this issue.

Currently, Amumu is located with a selection rate of 0.5% on the Diamond 2 rank and above within league of legends.

Disclaimer: The information provided is based on the first Riot news. Dates and all other details are subject to change in future updates.