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Leaked Oath Keepers Data Shows At Least 28 Elected Officials Have Ties To The Group



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Mark Finchem, a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives, is running for secretary of state. He was an active oath keeper and captured the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC on the day.

Over the past twelve years, at least 28 people who now hold elected office have supported or financially joined Oath Guardians, an extremist group that was released on January 6 during the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol, a BuzzFeed News analysis of information from the organization has revealed.

In the months after the mutiny at the Capitol, two of the eighteen men had pledged their oath as guardians accused They persisted in their charges, including conspiracy, to voice their support for the governance of a number of elected officials, according to their roles. And at least two officials — David Eastman and Mark Finchem of the Alaska and Arizona House of Representatives respectively — were in Washington DC, DC, on June 6, to testify to the victory over the Victoria Electoral College in Biden. Neither was he called by men.

Other elected officials today with links to the oath-guard, who were branded by BuzzFeed News, said they had dropped out of the group long ago, although some have thought it may have been the work of a few bad actors.

While the Oath Guards and other extreme right wing groups seem to be moving more toward local politics, the system looks at how much support groups can already have in state and local government around the country. The magistrates, who appear in the records of the society, the senators of the city and the procurators of the road, the prefects, the city councillors, and the sheriffs. Some have members’ lives and income, some are added to only a yearly income, others donated money to the group, but were not made members.

“People will ask me if I’m going to report to the company,” said Chad Christensen, a member of the Idaho State House of Representatives who joined the oath in 2012, sells insurance for State Farm, and also owns a private disclosure agency. “I say nothing to them now.”

Although a significant observation has been made before the oath of the guards in the Armed Forces and Watch Departments, much less is known about the members who have an elected office, or what it means to be elected as a support group for those who have often reposed in authority. the federal government.

The organization was founded in 2009 by an army veteran and graduate of Yale Law School Stewart Rhodesit derives its name from an oath to strengthen the Constitution which swears on military matters and law enforcement. Until recently, its membership has been kept secret. The list of officials who have been branded by BuzzFeed News will almost certainly count the real number because of incomplete data and significant challenges in adapting the names of local officials.

But BuzzFeed News’ analysis of recent and former Oath Guards’ opinions on the government group’s rumors suggests that — and in particular an interpretation of the Constitution’s United States laws — it has somehow set foot in the courts of American governance.

Someone voted for the local body to ensure that state policy “shouldn’t seem like a big deal,” said Richard Carpiano, a professor of public policy at the University of California, Riverside. But “this border raises concern about how this ideology invades our democrats institutions” as well as “the prospects for making important decisions which they place in their state–the decisions that make up all of them”.

Via via Facebook

Alaskan state representative David Eastman is a vital member of the Oath Guards in Washington on January 6th.

The internal Oath Guards lists, which appear to include volumes, panels and email, came into public view last month after some five gigabytes of information from organization officials were hacked, and the information has since been released. Distributed Negative Secrets, a non-profit collective that sends a lot of information publicly and padded it with journalists and researchers.

Hacked data has been utilized by various media outlets to identify legal officials who appear to be federal Oaths Guards, including members New York Police Departmentthe capital of Utae Department of Correctionselected sheriff of Riverside, California, Chad Bianco; who said that in 2014″ but he is no longer a member. BuzzFeed News found more age who asked about the association in the session after Jan. 6, as well as at least four members currently running a public service.

BuzzFeed News has created its own list of elected officials linked to the Oath Guard by cross-reporting information emanating with information about thousands of state and local officials, including names, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and other information. There was no centralized U.S. local officials database, no significant number of official names could be checked across across the Oath Guards marks. Membership volumes, meanwhile, seem to be updated by mid-2020 and cannot be updated. In most cases, for example, they do not acknowledge whether members are active or unemployed.

But the event, though not comprehensive, provides one of the most accurate accounts of the American political and political incursions in modern times.

Many officials, whom BuzzFeed News reached for comment, agreed to take an oath to discuss their connection with the guards. Other elected officials for whom appropriate information was found in the group’s data did not respond to repeated requests; if their affiliation could not be confirmed, the tally would not be included. One legislator, North Carolina State Rep. Keith Kidwell, however, declined to confirm or deny his affiliation, because the company’s data was cut off and thus said “the fruit of the infected tree.” Was originally identified the possible Oath of the Guardian earlier this month; The group’s membership circle indicates someone’s own name, email address, and phone number since 2012. They joined.

Eastman, on the other hand, is happy to discuss his association with the group. He was an Army veteran and graduated from the West formally corrected through Alaska’s first-term legislation declaring “poor women in rural Alaskan rural districts” to be able to free pregnant women on free trips to Anchorage or Seattle for abortions. Last month he made headlines again for specifically procuring President Joe Biden with Adolf Hitler and Covid-19 for vaccine experiments on Nazi Jews and others in concentration camps.

The Oath Guards have not been known before, but in written questions from BuzzFeed News, the republican lawmaker said that “when he first started,” he added that he has always maintained that the privilege must be upheld. who replied in military matters and especially those who strive to keep an oath to the Constitution.”

Finchem contributed in part to the guards of the oaths since at least 2014organize an event for a group in Arizona and inspire people through their campaign Twitter account to “Join the State’s Protection Supporter Oath” this May, advocates from Finchem The guards defended the oathin a letter declaring that the group is “an association not of the party” and “in no space of the imagination considered “anti-government”. There was a spectacle in the Capitol on the east side of the ladder At that time the building was being attacked. She did not respond to many requests for comment.

Others said that they were initially drawn to the Oath of the Guards because of their support of the Constitution and especially of the Second Amendment. But they also said they were tampering with the group’s more confrontational approach to the era of civil strife, when military members appeared in arms and were carrying weapons at the time of the alarm with United States agents in 2014. Many have been acquitted.

Chris Hooper, who was elected Nueces County Texas sheriff last November, joined the oath guards at the “Liberty Tree,” which costs more than basic membership and offers discounts on gear, among other perks. BuzzFeed News said the Globe’s idea of ​​”being beautiful”. Those feelings changed when Armed Oath Guards in southern Nevada flooded into a long stop with the Bureau of Landing Agents on a ranchland located at the Bundy family.

“I think this beautiful idea has been hijacked by someone who doesn’t do very well to be a oath,” said Hooper, who said he is no longer a member. “It’s kind of like Black Lives Matter. These three words are beautiful, because they are all life. But I have a problem with those three words connected to the Marxist organization of the internet site Black Lives Matter and the same with Oath Guards.”

Brad Rogers, now elected county commissioner in Elkhart County, Indiana, said he will join the County Sheriff’s Oath until 2018 soon after it was founded in 2009. He said he believed “a federation rule is out of control” and that it could be revoked. An FDA inspector has threatened to arrest someone who has set foot on a particular Amish dairy farm without bail.

He, however, said that many years ago he passed away from the guardians of the oath, because, although he “consents with the tenets of governance,” he felt “to go down the path of violence and the things of that nature which I will not bear.”

Caitie Mcmekin / AP

Glenn Jacobs, mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Famous and well known as WWE wrestler Kane, Jacobs has been given money by the Oath Keeper, which the U.S. Constitution has proven against the group’s opinions.

Glenn Jacobs, the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, is well known as former WWE star Kane, most famous for his half-brother supporter and for his signature Big Boot. When an elected official intends to work against the messages of the COVID-19 messages last month sending a letter President Biden said the rules “are not about freedom.”

In 2013, Jacobs donated $50 to oath guards because “they were big supporters of the Constitution,” a spokesman said. The donation put him on the group’s association’s rolls, but Jacobs later determined that “philosophical differences with some of his states” had ceased to exist.

Chris Hooper, the sheriff of Nueces County, Texas, was sworn in at the “Liberty Tree” level by attaching himself to the limb. He later left the group.

South Dakota state Senator Jim Stalzer said he was also “completely fractured” with the Oaths Guards, because he said he grew up with what he called “group appearances” and “counterfeitings”.

A certified pistol instructor Stalzer said he first heard about the oath keeper from Richard Mack, a former sheriff who was on the group’s board of directors and was the leader of the constitutional sheriffs movement, who argues that federal and public governments should be subordinate. local poverty. Attracted to Mack’s notions, Stalzer was signed, sometimes giving rifle classes to other Oath Guards.

Not all ministers serve the group in rural circumstances. Gary Halverson, one of 20 prominent state councilors in Madison, Wisconsin, joined the oath guards in May 2020, because he saw “an organization of veterans who cared for our democracy”. But he quickly decided that he was “retired” and terminated his membership less than three months later.

Some politicians have left the group, not because of ideological reasons, but because it has left the group’s responsibilities to be desired.

Gary Roland said he joined the oath watch a decade ago and is an active member of paying debts until 2020, more than a year after being elected a Fayette County censor in central Kentucky. “I read the site and it seemed good to me,” said a former Army National Guard member. But when he stopped receiving e-mails and postal services from the center, he deleted his company.

However, Roland supports the release of the oath and said what happened on January 6 – and the subsequent prosecution of so many Oath Guardsmen on conspiracy charges – is no reason to lose his credibility.

“Actually, there’s some dishonest person who could have broken the window in Washington, but I believe the rankings are very good,” he said.

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