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Learn These 3 Easy Massage Techniques for Your Dogs




Massages, surprisingly, can be beneficial for your dog. In fact, they love getting massages the way they enjoy receiving head pets, neck scratches, and belly rubs. In veterinary medicine, massage therapy for dogs is an alternative or supplemental treatment for various conditions, including arthritis and injuries.

Your dog needs a great doggie massage as much as you need massage therapy in Oshawa. Here are some less intense massage techniques for dogs that you can try at home.

3 Easy Massage Techniques for Your Dogs

Massaging dogs differs from that of human massage in Kitchener. You should make sure they are comfortable by using soft movements and techniques. Here are some steps to help you start giving her a massage that will make her feel good.

  1. Back rubs or massage

Giving your dogs a gentle back rub is an excellent way to start massaging your dog. It is also easy since you can give them backstrokes while you sit on the couch with them. This rub makes dogs feel calm and at ease.

It can help dogs with anxiety, especially if they don’t like being touched by people, such as rescue dogs. Through a massage, they can potentially trust humans again.

To give this massage, begin at the back of the dog’s head. Give them a very light pressure to stroke up and down each side of the dog’s spine. Be sure to stay away from the bones.

  1. Head Massage

Try rubbing your dog’s head as another way to calm them down since this is one of their calming points.

You can begin the massage by starting at the tip of the dog’s nose. This is where an acupressure point is located. Using gentle pressure, move your thumb back and forth from the top of the nose to the back of the head.

  1. Ear rubs

Even a simple ear rub is something that most dogs love. Brandenburg says that if you know what you’re doing, you can give your pet an ear massage to help calm and heal it.

Start this simple massage by putting your thumb at the base of the ear flap inside your dog’s ear. See to it that your pointer finger is placed outside the ear. Then, slowly stroke out toward the end of the ear with light pressure and end the massage with a light pull.

5 Benefits of Massaging Dogs


Here are the best reasons why you should massage your dog:

  1. Lessens stress and worry

Dogs can easily feel worried or stressed out. It could be a loud sound, a storm, or just catching a glimpse of a cat. No matter what’s bothering your dog, a massage can help them feel better and calm down.

  1. Aids in the healing process

If your dog has hurt itself, the vet might tell you to give her a massage. Massages can help your dog recover, reduce pain and swelling, speed up the healing of strains and sprains, and reduce the amount of scar tissue that forms. Of course, you should first talk to your vet about how to do this the right and safe way.

  1. Contributes improvement to their body functions

A massage can improve your dog’s blood flow, lower his blood pressure, improve the flow of lymphatic fluid, boost his immune system, help them digest, stimulate his kidneys and liver, and get them to breathe deeper.

  1. Boosts their well-being

When people get massages, they feel better, more balanced, and more alive. If you give your dog a good rub down, they will feel the same way.

  1. Strengthens your relationship

Your dog may not know what a massage is, but once they realize how good it feels and that you’re making them feel, you’ll have a stronger bond.

Besides ensuring your dog gets quality time at a dog daycare in Etobicoke, it is also essential to give them time to relax through massages. Consider the benefits listed and start giving them the massage techniques above!

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