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“LeBron obviously still has a lot of sand left in that hourglass” – LeBron James’ former assistant coach, James Posey, says Father Time has not come yet for the LA Lakers star despite recent injuries




Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James he was one of the most dominant players on the NBA field throughout his career. Even as James enters a later phase of his time on hardwood, he remains a force that opposing defenses must deal with.

During James’ career, he was one of the most physically gifted athletes to ever play this game. That’s something that even his peers called him a “freak” with his ability to play long seasons without ever suffering serious injuries.

But in recent years, James has begun to see a number of painful injuries that have led the 17-time All-Star to miss a number of games. Because of this development, many have wondered if the terrifying “Father’s Time” is finally catching up with the Lakers superstar.

Former NBA striker and assistant coach James Posey recently said he believes Father Time has yet to catch up with James despite his recent battle with injuries.

“LeBron obviously still has a lot of sand in that hourglass.”

Former LeBron assistant coach James Posei writes that the King still keeps time for his father at the age of 37, even after he struggled with injuries. “Apparently LeBron still has a lot of sand in that hourglass.”…

While concern about injuries in recent years has begun to raise the question of whether James is finally achieving a career decline, there is no denying that James was deadly when on the field.

Ever since he returned to the Lakers, James has looked like an old man. In his last three games, James averaged 34.0 points, 5.7 rebounds, 8.7 assists and 1.3 steals per game, while shooting 47.3% of the game.

It is truly remarkable what James has done during his career. In the last 17 years, James has averaged more than 25.0 points per game each season. He averages 25.8 points this season, which is proof that “Kralj” still has enough fuel in the tank to play at a high level.

As the Lakers continue to try to get back on track and climb the table in the Western Conference, there is no doubt that James will be on a mission to prove that “Father’s Time” will not slow him down yet.

After suffering a tummy tuck that caused James to miss eight games in a row for the Lakers, the team has gone 2-1 since returning. If the Lakers have any chance to regroup and return to the playoffs at their conference, they will be behind James ’game.

If history has told us anything, it would be wise not to count one of the most dominant players in the game.

Edited by Joseph Schiefelbein