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Lewisville Officer Goes Beyond Call Of Duty, Gets Denton Couple’s Stolen Rings Back Days Before Their Wedding




DENTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – Time to give, right? The couple is celebrating their wedding night in Denton, thanks in part to a Lewisville Police Department official, who has an extraordinary sense of responsibility to restore the traditional symbol of the union.

Emery and Sam Bundy became on Sunday afternoon at their wedding last year. Marriages are almost without the bond of marriage until a man in a black cap appeared in black at night.

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“I really consider doing my job so much, and doing what I was supposed to do,” Lewisville Police Officer, Charles Bonar.

Bonar responded to a theft call at a Home Decor superstore on Dec. 17

Emery Bundy’s purse was taken in his cart, along with his money – and wedding rings.

“This woman changes the wagon, takes her purse and disappears. Luckily, the amazing captain really saved the day and made it his mission to find our wedding rings,” said Emery.

When police had seen the guards at the warehouse, the accused was able to track down and find the purse and take it.

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“[I] The suspect went to the residence and urged the victim to only wish to receive his property, if they were to receive their property, they will not be subject to any charges,” said Officer Bonar.

The next evening, as the camera of the body of the attendant shows us, he is handed a pre-wedding gift.

All the applause was returned to the officer with two rings.

“We disagreed at all, but he was an embassador for us. he called me several times. It was great. We owe him a lot, just amazing,” said Emery.

Sam and Emery Bundy thanked the police officer for their heroic efforts. (Credit: CBSDFW.COM)

“Congratulations, really happy for you guys, I enjoyed everything you did, and I was glad to be able to help,” said Officer Bonar.

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The Bundys had to cancel their wedding plans, but their money, phones and the ring were returned.