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Live updates: Asian American communities on edge after deadly shootings




Democratic Rep. Grace Meng said Republican Rep. Chip Roy was “completely insensitive” during a hearing in the House on discrimination against Asian Americans.

Ahir Meng fired again in comments about China made by Roy, who said he “put a ball eye on the backs of Asian Americans all over this country.”

During the hearing, arguing that Americans “deserve justice” for the victims, Roy also referred to the lynching, saying, “There’s an old saying in Texas about finding all the rope in Texas and getting a tall oak. we take justice very seriously and we should do this, round off the bad guys. “

“First of all, it was a source of comfort to recognize that this is a real pain and situation in our country. We wanted to have a very honest audience and work together to find solutions, “Meng told CNN’s” New Day. ”

“We talked about legislation. Community members listened to the resources and support they need. … And that’s why I was so upset that Mr. Roy was just completely insensitive to the focus and point of the audience, ”he said.

Meng said he has been listening to voters who are afraid to let their children out because of the increase in hate crimes against Asian Americans. He said former President Trump “fostered this kind of racist behavior” over the past year during the pandemic.

“In the last two weeks alone, a mother and her baby have been walking in the park in the middle of the day. Someone approached her, spat in her direction three times, calling her Chinese virus and to go back. Two days ago, a 13-year-old boy was playing basketball at a local park and a group of people threw basketball at his head telling him it was a Chinese virus and he should go home, ”he said.

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