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Local plumbers prepare for ‘Brown Friday’ with expected spike in plumbing nightmare calls after Thanksgiving




AKRON, Ohio — It’s the most common season of the year, but not for the reasons you think.

Jeremy McCoy with H. Jack’s Plumbing & Heating Co. in Akron, Blackwater says anytime Friday, he’s calling out his plumbing company getting overwhelmed by nightmares.

The day is so important that it is often called the ‘Vena of Venus’.

“We’re all out of the market and cleaning up the crops for the people,” he said. “We are one of the few companies to actually reply to the phone every time. So we had people reporting, you know, I called 13 people and nobody answers.

McCoy says most problems are often embarrassing, but it starts with protecting your pipes.

“People think their garbage can be garbage, and probably your biggest problem.”

McCoy says make sure to remove any fat, oils, and any other cooking meat and shave it in the trash or in an empty container. If anything goes down the drain, mixing baking soda and vinegar or even ice with cleanup helps.

The best thing you can do when you’ve finished dinner is to scrape off your garbage, and then rinsed everything into small pieces in your pan or in your dishwasher, whatever those options are, explained McCoy. “There are blades at your disposal. They knock just standing around and they make it smaller. So those who think it’s right, you know how it works? It’s not how it works.

McCoy says solutions like Drano could be the best for drains a little more.

“People love to wear Drano above all else. Please, please don’t. Someone is coming and the snake is open…Drano doesn’t work. If Drano is struggling, none of us drains a snake. So you know, that’s a big part of our business,” McCoy said. “Plus, if he’s going to eat bigger legs in time, it’s not good.”

Jennifer Elting with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District said try to remember the acronym “FOG”

It means fat, oil and fat, and everything like salads, cheese, milk, butter, boiled oil. I don’t want to drain yours. Says. “I especially love to tie blush wipes.”

Speaking of embarrassment, McCoy said, “You should never, ever wipe away the embarrassment. can just throw garbage.”

He added: It’s easier to wrap a garbage bag and pick it up outside than you can call us.