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Logan Paul and Peaches’ alleged leaked video leaves Twitter scandalized




A leaked video clip containing Logan Paul and Instagram personality Brittany “Peaches” Johnson recently toured the internet.

YouTuber, podcast host and boxer Logan Paul are no strangers to controversy. He was ordered to fight Floyd Mayweather in February 2021, but the fight was postponed due to ongoing contract negotiations.

Peaches is an 18-year-old entourage that has about 157,000 followers on Instagram. Peaches have become popular because of her lifestyle and Walmart’s “twerking” videos she posts on Instagram.

She was allegedly involved in a sex video with Logan Paul, although so far no one has commented on the issue.

Logan Paul and Peaches reportedly appear in a sex video, Twitter responds

The clip lasted 10 seconds and went viral, and people were convinced that the two people in the video were none other than Peaches and Logan Paul. Both sides have not released an official statement, so the confirmation is still pending.

However, people on Twitter have been reacting since the video went viral. They came across a big surprise, as Peaches is one of the most controversial online personalities. Although not yet confirmed, she is an AIDS patient who works as an escort and also has a daughter named Cora Miracle.

In the past, she said she wanted to “kill” her daughter and called her an “animal.” Logan Paul himself is no stranger to controversy, as he was involved in the infamous forest of Mount Fuji / Aokigahara incident, where he filmed and cracked jokes about a suicide victim.

Twitter users were stunned by the video, as can be seen from their tweets. While it hasn’t been confirmed that the two people in the footage are really Logan Paul and Peaches, quite a few Twitter users seem to be completely convinced.

Posted March 19, 2021, 6:16 PM IST