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“Love ya man”: Minecraft star Dream shares a wholesome message of appreciation for TommyInnit as latter completes one year on the Dream SMP




The two most popular Minecraft streamers in the world, Dream and Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons recently won hearts online with their helpful Twitter exchange.

The latter recently opened Twitter to mark the one-year anniversary of joining the celebrity Dream SMP, a decision that has done wonders for his successful career that continues to increase new heights with each passing month.

In his tweet, TommyInnit not only thanked Dream for having him on the server, but also occasionally brazenly mentioned his pronounced propensity to “grieve”.

In response, Dream came up with a cordial response as he heaped praise on 17-year-old Minecraft Manchild, full of stellar displays of good camaraderie.

In light of the memorable interaction of the popular Minecraft duo, Twitter he was soon horrified by the multitude of reactions as fans rushed to their enviable friendship.

Dream wins hearts online as it praises TommyInnit for its one-year anniversary at Dream SMP

Throughout their careers, TommyInnit and Dream have grown and become two powerful forces in streaming. Successfully entertaining fans with their good friendly company, which often revolves around the former, which took over the latter, the duo’s popularity has only grown from strength to strength in recent months.

Whether they tirelessly tease on Twitter or indulge in hilarious banter both outside and without streaming, their status as one of Minecraft’s most entertaining duos is well-established today and can rarely be questioned.

As for TommyInnit, his streaming career has received a big blow since he joined Dream SMP.

From regular dominance on the ratings charts to leaving fans in split parts with his characteristic lushness and incomparable wit, the 17-year-old has found himself in the middle of a long-lasting purple stain lately.

In light of TommyInnit’s one-year anniversary at Dream SMP, a crowd of fans has been joined by popular streamers such as Karl Jacobs, Snifferish and others. They praised its meteoric rise and unparalleled growth as a healthy, multifaceted current.

With the recent re-enactment of hearts that have won friendships, their unusual meaning of hitting a sounding chord with their army of fans around the world still seems gloriously intact. It seems the latter just can’t get enough of the invaluable Dream x TommyInnit content.



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