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Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK Download

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Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK

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The plot of the game is not confusing to grasp; all the game developers want from you to do is to keep tapping on the tiles passing in front of you. If you can keep up to the speed of the tiles, you are going to enjoy the music more than ever! You can only believe the fun-packed in this title by giving it a shot, and you should not miss this opportunity when you can download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK right now!

At the start of the game, you see some black tiles passing on your mobile screen in a fast manner. All you are required to do is balance your senses and click on every tile moving from the screen. When you click on every tile, it keeps the musical sequences. You have to stay focused on the passing tiles, and you cannot afford to leave any tile. The tiles are most important in this game, hence the name “Magic Tiles.”

As you keep on pressing the magical tiles in the required manner, you keep on earning points. By earning points, you can progress to the next level of the game. Between clicking the tiles, you encounter an egg sometimes. The egg contains some hearts and diamonds for you, and you have to click on the egg while clicking on the tiles at the same time.

Getting more eggs and securing most points in every stage by tapping all the tiles means that you are going to unlock more songs. Increasing the collection in the game ensures that you get to complete the famous songs while playing the game. Although the game does not feature any epic tale or some robust graphics, it is still unusual to see how the game is packed with fun and music. You do not have to be Mozart to play this game; if you are a hippie of this century, you can enjoy this game very much. Hey old ones, this game is also for you. Kids can play this game for sure, no need to ask your parents before playing this amazing musical adventure on your android device!
Like other piano games in the market, you have to click on the black tiles while ignoring the white ones altogether. Enjoying the lovely music is the bonus thing in this game.