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Man Accused Of Shooting At South Florida Park Rangers Dies In Federal Custody




MIAMI (CBSMiami / AP) – A man police and the ugly park venture, which is accused in the Everglades National Park this year, the federal died in custody.

The dragon has lived Sikes, 37, was arrested in March on charges of assaulting federal officers with a deadly weapon. Prisons Bureau website on June 16 said that the dead; but does not list the cause of death, according to CBS4 news partner the Miami Herald.

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Sikes, death is considered suspicious and ask the Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice Inspector General’s office and other authorities, according to the Herald.

No additional details about his death or the investigation were available.

Detained by the Federal detention center near New York City, domestic typically are awaiting trials or after their convictions, will be transferred to a federal prison facility.

Sikes was taken into custody on March 28 after surrendering to authorities. A federal complaint to police officers to kill him and said he urged park in an ugly time.

“I want to kill you and you guys,” Sikes, who were carrying AK-47, shouted at officers before he was arrested.

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By the judge to be in danger of the city, they found him, and he commanded to come to himself, are held back his judgment.

10 years in prison and a minimum sentence of 20 years in prison if he should.

The incident began when he was arrested earlier in March Sikes felon with a firearm charge of domestic violence assault, according to court records Amon summoned by Anonymous. A judge released him and ordered the Miami-Dade away from his wife.

However, Sikes held hostage for four days. And finally, that he could help and called park ugly. They, along with the officers, Miami-Dade and Sikes investigation began. In common, they used a loudspeaker in a woody region in the they are hidden.

And I heard the gunfire, and in the one place, this journey of his heads as it was not aware of the rounds, and he said: the complaint. Finally, after an hour of negotiations, Sikes caught out of the woods.

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