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Man out on bond in wife’s murder on the run after robbing car salesman at knifepoint




Houston, Texas (KTRK) – a man accused of having ditched his wife and dream of a car salesman at knifepoint ankle monitor and can not be seen because the authorities said.

Vahn Trent Paschal 48, the US Marshals charge.

Now the Passover and bonds after the bond must be in the ambush killing of his wife Austin County phase Diana, last October. The flaw of the sin, and die, too, does not aggravate a weapon in the attack, and when he was cast into the possession of a weapon.

A person who came in Cicero County with criminal assault on a peace officer. His bonds totaled $ 550,000.

“We need to look at how to treat the counties of Norfolk and who are convinced of the long history of history extremely hostile,” Diana’s father, Michael Kinchen to ABC13. “I believe, personally, that is the process needs reviewed.”

He and his wife edge, said Kinchen I was mourning for months.

“I miss it every day. Every moment of every day. I really do,” he said.

Diana, 30, was fatally shot in the home and in a couple of La Marque on July 21, 2020, when there were two children to school. Easter is called a flight. Cicero County Sheriff’s office, and after that to a Walmart parking lot in North County Cicero night.

But from Easter shall be shot through a vicar, and because they do not own a gun, they were seeking again to seize him, that he would drop the investigators said.

But the weeks that followed, Paschal was hospitalized, recovered and bond it.

Wearing an ankle monitor the condition of the bond, but April 13, investigators believe their Easter monitor at home while they robbed Jack Ford car salesman at knifepoint during the test drive.

“He pulled out a knife to me that car,” said Ford. “I feel weird about the guy, like, something was not right, but I do not intend to steal a car.”

Ford operates in the USA, and for brokers Shepherd. Easter is said to be caught in the surveillance images, black and asked to test drive the Chevrolet Tahoe and stole it. I would like it to the dealership.

The bonds are Paschal revoked. The attorney, Nicholas Poehler told him not to Paschal by several weeks. Poehler, who by chance.

“He does not know what it’s a good running,” Poehler said.

US Marshals are distributing “wanted” fly.

Kinchen, who is raising two children and his wife to the public by detailed curve.

“I did not confront him. And do not associate with him, it would be. If you have seen and identified, they should immediately contact the police, “he said.” And it was so much that she never proclaimed in the last six months. “

The 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe Easter last appeared in black. This is black rims of the wheel, the mirror of the door handles Chrome and Chrome.

Who’s Passover with any information about the local officials and urged a message to the Task Force Office HUNT 409-392-1479.

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