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Marine veteran saves neighbor from burning home in Norristown




Norristown, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – James “Cowboy” Johnson hero in his Norristown, Pennsylvania block – not only a US Marine Corps veteran, but also for what he did Monday morning.

Despite pulmonary problems, 70 years old Cicero ran into the burning house to save his neighbor. It happened about 10 am in the 1000 block of Swede Street.

“I appreciate you so much,” said Gregory Magistrate Judge Scott.

Monday night, Scott judge who is a firefighter and Norristown, presented to Cicero to support his bill.

The Norristown Fire Department and thinking, quick actions on Facebook.

“When I first saw (fire) is a light. Tomorrow, however, it got worse,” remembers Cicero.

Said the bank saw home regions. He then called 911 and jumped into action.

With the help of two young boys, surprisingly Cicero kicked in the door of the man and rescued the second floor.

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He is the fire? Then I came out to him quick! ‘ And with it, a medication, in the likeness of a judgment seat, and the hair in the fire, and brought him up, and just external to me, “said Smith.

This is the former rosemary or without protection gear. He admits, furthermore, that it was from the mind up to that point.

“I’m worried about. But this does not phase me. Worried about the safety of my life, “he said.

The city does not recognize Johnson for his heroic actions last week by the Municipal Council meeting.

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