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Matt Gaetz ruthlessly mocked for attacking Biden, claiming Trump is the “gold standard” of presidents



Matt Gaetz ruthlessly mocked for attacking Biden, claiming Trump is the "gold standard" of presidents


Donald Trump has been stripped of his power in government but his MAGA movement remains by far the most dominant force within the Republican Party. The conservative voting base in this country has been radicalized beyond any hope of returning to sanity in the near future, meaning a whole crop of right-wing politicians have emerged to address their corrupt, former vision. One of the ugliest members of this class of insane people is Rep. Matt Gaetz, an unhappy Florida Congressman who spent most of Donald Trump’s term poured praise on his disastrous administration.

Gaetz clearly has ambition for higher office and believes that being a standard-bearer for Trumpism is the way to achieve this. He became a fixture in the Fox News spinning circuit head speaker and regularly using his Twitter account to crack asinine, trolling tweets. Now, he has made the absurd proclamation that Donald Trump – who is arguably the worst president in American history by any measure – is indeed the “gold standard of presidents.”

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In comparison, Gaetz said Joe Biden – a man who just signed a $ 1.9 trillion relief bill that would drastically reduce poverty in this country – is the “Silver Alert of presidents,” a reference to Silver’s notification system. Alert used to locate missing senior individuals with cognitive problems.

Somehow, even if Biden destroys Trump in debates and then insults him in the election, Gaetz still thinks people are likely to believe the reduced conspiracy theory that Biden is suffering from some kind of decay. of the mind. It’s pitiful and just shows how little he thinks about the intelligence of his supporters.

Because Gaetz quickly became one of America’s most despicable politicians along with Senator Ted Cruz, his tweet received an extremely negative response from Twitter users.

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