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McConnell Keeps Cards Close To Chest if He Would Run for Leader in Next Congress




Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Is the leader of the Senate minority, losing the position of leader of the majority after the 2020 congressional election.

The senator was asked by CNN’s Manu Raju if she will run again for the leader position in the next Congress.

“I don’t think I’m going to answer it at the moment,” McConnell said replied with a chuckle, not disclosing his plans.

Sen. John Thune (RS.D.), who is running for election in 2022, told Politico he supports McConnell’s run for the leadership position.

“Leader McConnell has my full support and confidence,” Thune said in February. “No one understands the Senate better than him.”

McConnell also spoke CNN about the 2022 congressional elections. There will be 20 Republican seats to defend in the Senate, compared to Democrats defending 14 seats.

“What I’m looking for is someone who can win in November,” the Kentucky senator told CNN. “I don’t care who they like or don’t like. Can they win in November? So it’s not an ideological thing. It’s not a ‘who do you think will be nominated in the‘ 24 ’thing. Can you win in November? ”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) shared the former President Donald Trump plans to endorse multiple candidates in the 2022 congressional election as Republicans seek to regain control of the Senate, according to CNN.

“I think you’ll see him endorse more and more Republicans for the election,” Graham said. “There are some he won’t go there, but most of them he will go, I hope.”

McConnell too instead the retirements of many Republican senators, telling CNN, “We’re losing some real talent. We’re going to try to bring back most of the many new faces than I expected.”

“But I think we got a great shot,” he added. “I think this administration has become completely left behind, which is a god for us in terms of checking the ’22 environment.”

McConnell recently found himself under fire from Trump, who called him “the most popular politician in the country” and “a dour, on, and not smiling political hacking. “


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