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Memphis switching back to original vaccination scheduling system after problems with state’s website



Memphis switching back to original vaccination scheduling system after problems with state’s website


Memphis TN. – A day after the day after switching to the new system is a lake in Shelby County signup left it in Memphis city Saturday before the system do not need to say. The City of the princes of Memphis are deceived; I hoped it would move to a new system of faster processing in Shelby County of vaccination.

Called “Vras’ is right, and will be stricken online Friday night would not deliver any vaccine according to schedule an appointment, and others will not be able to complete the registration of Memphis, said Chief Operating Officer Doug McGowen.

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Saturday it in Memphis had all the dispositions justify Jim Strickland, McGowen said that the old system, known as “Genius SignUp for.

“What we’re doing is too great to risk interrupted flow,” McGowen said Saturday at a press conference to address the issues.

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“I just want to apologize for the inconvenience and distressed as those yesterday,” McGowen said.

The change was made in the city took control of the vaccination of Shelby County.

“It does not need a lot of our citizens and to the internal” said Jim Strickland, Memphis had Saturday at a press conference.

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There were also issues of 222 for very long wait times Friday shot helpline related. Callers they were when Friday that led workers to their state in Shelby County man.

Suggested vaccine doses to the expiration of many thousands searches Shelby County Health Department.

Sweat, Memphis Fire Director Gina distribution in the government’s second attempt to take the city. Saturday, showed reporters sweat Memphis is assembled at a new job management exposition of such a city is better tracking of the value of its vaccines.

“That’s critical,” said sweating. “That is the whole mission if it is mission control.”

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