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Mercedes: Red Bull quicker on race runs




Mercedes were not their usual self-confidence after completing a pre-season test in Bahrain. The current world champions faced more problems with their car, as well as the parts they delivered to other teams.

Throughout the pre-season test, Mercedes didn’t look as fast as Red Bull. Now the Silver Arrows have admitted it red bull could have an advantage over them.

Mercedes track engineer Andrew Shovlin has revealed that the team is behind Red Bull, according to data gathered from a pre-season test.

Shovlin said:

“We’ve made a little progress with the balance on more fuel and the car has been more predictable, but from the data we’ve collected in recent days we can see that we’re not as fast as the Red Bull in the pace of the race.”

Speaking about the low fuel consumption of the team, Shawlin stated:

“Less fuel work was a confusing picture … too many cars were ahead of us today in rhythm. In recent years we have had problems with pace in winter tests and we managed to make good progress before the first race, but maybe this time our work will be stopped. “

Asked about the team’s efforts to find the lost pace, Shawlin said:

“We didn’t arrive long before we got back here for the race, so we planned a work program to try to understand some of our problems and we won’t leave a stone unturned to find more speeds for the next 10 days.”

The beginning of the end of Mercedes?

The ruling champions were caught unprepared. The team suffered problems with the transfer on the first day. The team lost more time on the track the other day as well Lewis Hamilton turned and escorted his car near turn 13.

In the little drive the car had, it didn’t look the least bit fast. The team has one of the lowest laps in pre-season testing and has not shown the fast pace it is used to. Could this be the beginning of the end of Mercedes domination?

Posted March 15, 2021, 12:10 PM IST