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Minecraft Achievement Guide: Fruit on the Loom




Minecraft players can discover a sample banner with the Mojang logo during the game by combining paper with an enchanted golden apple.

The inscriptions are tall decorative blocks, which players can use to decorate their various constructions and creations. Using these blocks can be a great way for players to mark their territory or simply add a touch to any material.

With the help of looms, players can design a wide range of different inscriptions with various icons and color combinations.

Players can create a rather special inscription decorated with the Mojang logo, with the help of an item with a banner pattern in the game. This item can be created by combining paper with an enchanted golden apple and then placing it on a banner with a little paint on the loom.

Minecraft Achievement Guide: Fruit in the Loom

To achieve the “Fruit on the Loom” achievement, Minecraft players will need to grab a whole bunch of different items.

In total, Minecraft players will need to acquire all of the following:

  1. One loom (two wooden planks and two wires)
  2. One paper (three sugar canes)
  3. One color of any color
  4. One inscription (six wool and one stick)
  5. One enchanted golden apple

Most of the items on this list are not so inconvenient to get to them. All wood and sticks can be obtained by simply felling trees or chopping with an ax.

A loom can be made by combining two wooden planks and two wires at a making table or it can be found as a block of places for shepherds to work in certain villages.

Wool can be obtained by shearing or killing sheep, although shearing is probably a better way for players who have access to a pair of scissors. Then players can combine six wools with one stick to make the banner they need.

A piece of paper can be made by combining three sugar cane, which can be found naturally created near water bodies. Minecraft players can get color by turning flowers into a window to make or buying from A wandering merchant.

Minecraft players interested in getting a certain color paint should be up to date as there will soon be a specific guide to getting every color paint in Minecraft.

The most difficult item on this list is the enchanted golden apple, which can only be obtained by finding one in a chest inside a dungeon, mine, desert temple, destroyed portal or forest castle.

In older versions of Minecraft, players could once make one of these items. Unfortunately, that option is no longer on the table, and players will have to rely on the hunt for structure and luck.

Once players get all the items they need, they will be able to achieve the achievement fairly quickly. Minecraft players can make a thing with a banner pattern by combining their enchanted golden apple with a piece of paper at the making table.

Then the players will just need to take their inscription, color and banner pattern to the loom. All of these items can be combined together on a loom to get an inscription of things.

Then Minecraft players will only need to throw a banner with things on the block in their world to achieve the achievement “Fruit on the Loom” on the Bedrock edition.

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Posted March 16, 2021, 12:04 AM IST