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Mother Dog Takes in Abandoned Newborn, Locals Find Baby Safe Snuggled in with Puppies




There are many stories about dogs being better “humans” than humans sometimes, and one of the most recent examples is from the province of Chhattisgarh in India.

Locals in the village of Lormi recently heard crying and traced it to a “nest” in a pile of straw where the dog placed his puppies.

But the villagers saw a newborn baby girl found with puppies and their mother, apparently cared for by the mother dog.

The baby was naked and still had a umbilical cord attached, but he was alive – probably thanks to the dog that kept him warm.


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According to Weather Atlas, December is the coldest month, and the lowest can fall in the 50s.

“It’s possible the heat of the puppies and their mother herself kept this newborn alive,” said a local, according to Express.

“Usually, the temperature drops at night, and it’s December. I must say, his luck. ”

Authorities is contacted once the baby was seen, and he was quickly brought to receive care. She is determined to be in good health and is now in the care of The Child Line Project.

“We went out for work, and at 11am we saw that there was a newborn baby girl lying in the village among the dogs,” local sarpanch representative Munnalal Patel told ETV Bharat, according to sa News Today.

“Then, we informed the health department. After that, the newborn was taken to the hospital. ”

The baby was given the name “Akanksha,” which means “desire” or “ambition.”

Indian Police Service Officer Dipanshu Kabra clarified that this kind of behavior will not be allowed and female infanticide is a horrible thing.


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“I was upset after reading the news,” a translation of Kabra’s tweet read. “The police have taken the girl to the hospital, the investigation into the case continues.

“If you suffer from the thought of discrimination between son and daughter, then you don’t deserve to be a parent.

“Offenders should get severe punishment under the law. Stop such sins, renounce orthodox thinking, treat son and daughter equally.

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