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MSNBC host shuts down Dan Crenshaw for complaining about Biden’s policies




The Biden administration is off to an impressive start in passing a historic $ 1.9 trillion relief belief and high approval ratings for the president himself. Seeing this, Republicans have been working to create some sort of scandal to provide a beachhead for the Biden attack and so far has been short-sighted. Their main thrust is to try to convince voters that there is a crisis on the southern border thanks to Biden’s immigration policies.

Right-wingers have happily dismissed Trump’s racist rhetoric about Mexicans and supported his harsh family separation directive wanting to claim the high place in immigration. They saw Biden reconfigure our approach to a more humane one that treats migrants with the dignity and compassion they deserve as human beings and knew that falling into this approach would play well with their xenophobic base.

Now, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX), a man who happily supported Donald Trump and who had a reputation for his own Draconian perspective on immigration policy, shared an article from The New York Times saying Biden’s team had “quietly pressed Mexico” to curb the flow of migrants crossing the border.

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If true, maneuvering this backroom is far from Trump’s strategy, which is to make migrants villains and bully our ally in the south. There are miles of distance between using diplomatic means to help a situation under control until there are adequate facilities in place to handle the influx of people and evacuation of children from the arms of mothers to push them into prisons.

“It’s if we have a solution to it and then some guy comes in and completely bald it,” Crenshaw wrote.

Take a moment to think about what kind of heartless monster you should think that abusing young migrants and ripping families to scare other families from moving is a great “solution. “

MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan slammed Crenshaw’s tweet and called on him for “snatching young children from their parents’ arms” to imprison them “indefinitely in appalling conditions.” Hasan said that according to Physicians for Human Rights, the treatment of detainees advocated by Crenshaw meets the definition of “torture.”

If nothing else, Crenshaw’s tweet showed how important it is for Democrats to stay in control of the federal government. Republicans are simply unreliable to handle our nation’s immigration policies without inflicting massive amounts of nihilistic harm on migrants. They are cruel and they will not change.

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