Google’s new Chromecast dongle A fair share Problem, But nothing was as annoying as Netflix. Ironically, there is a dedicated Netflix button on the remote. More recently, things have started to change with Netflix as well as integration with the core features of Google TV as before, but there are areas that are still not working properly.

To be clear, Netflix wasn’t completely obsessed with Chromecast with Google TV. Library syncing stopped. With the dongle’s cross-app search and watchlist features. I was disappointed because these two features are at the heart of the new Google TV interface (Netflix is ​​actually one of the biggest streamers in the world, and a lot of people are complaining about it).

Both features have resumed over the past few weeks, allowing people to set it up as one of the services using Netflix. Now with Google TV, you can go directly to Netflix from search results just like any other streaming app on the list. You can check some screenshots. 9to5Google Below:

left: Google TV’My Services’, rights: ‘How to watch’

But in the Google TV app for Android, things still don’t come back to normal. Still unable to search or add Netflix content to content. Google listing, Which actually limits how you can add managed items from any app watchlist.

Hopefully, the last part of the remaining issues will also be fixed in the future so that you can once again enjoy a healthy experience on both Netflix and the new Chromecast.

Google TV (formerly Play Movies & TV)
Google TV (formerly Play Movies & TV)