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New Family Link options make parents’ lives easier, but key features are still missing




Apart from Start a new family website Above Today, Google officially announced several improvements to the parental control tool Family Link. It’s still balanced, fair and not powerful, As we want, New features improve the quality of life for parents.

To us Previously covered, Now if you approve the app as’Always Allowed’, your child can use the app even when the device is running out of time. It can be useful for distance learning apps, etc. However, this exemption does not apply to bedtime. Even children will not be able to use these “always allowed” apps when it’s time to sleep.

The daily, weekly, and monthly graphs for children’s device usage statistics in the Family Link app have also been improved. You can now visually differentiate between apps that are always allowed in ratings and the rest of the apps to measure how the percentage accumulates more easily.

In the Family Link Android app, parents can now see a teacher-recommended app consisting of “Thousands of Teacher Approved Google Play Apps for Children Under 13 in the US”. When you charge your phone, you can now monitor the battery level right from the app.

Perhaps one of the more requested features is the option to manage parental controls right from your child’s phone. To do this, parents can now find the Parental Controls section in their system settings, where they can set screen limits right on their supervised device (after identification, of course).

Google has been constantly adding new features to Family Link over the past year, and since we just launched the Families website, it seems we are working hard to improve this tool. However, some obvious options are still missing, such as time limits for groups of apps, individual settings for a single device, and the option to waive bedtime.

The changes should be distributed via server-side updates and they may have already reached your phone, but you can still check for updates on the Play Store or get the latest APK. APK Mirror.

Google Family Link for parents
Google Family Link for parents


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